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    Progressive Heritage

    In 1957, Ian Martin and Mary Masson connected to form a consulting engineering practice. When a building contract was abruptly cancelled in 1959, Ian and Mary responded with an entrepreneurial flexibility that still exemplifies the Ian Martin brand. They contracted out their engineers, helping to complete the Ford Motor plant in Oakville, and giving birth to the Contract Engineering industry in Canada.

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    Family Business

    Over five decades later, IMG continues to staff dozens of nation-building engineering projects as a family business. Yes, we are family owned. But throughout three generations of leadership we have not waivered in our commitment to actualize the human possibility of people connected around meaningful work.

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    Practicing Stewardship

    What exactly is Stewardship? Our definition: “giving care to something you don’t own as though it were actually yours.” At IMG, we embrace the future as stewards – of the careers of our candidates, the projects of our clients, the communities that surround us, and the environment we inhabit.


Why IMG?

At the Ian Martin Group, we believe amazing achievements are made when innovative people connect. Advances in technology and social media have opened up the world to the idea that we are all connected.

What we do is connect the right people to the right circumstances, at the right time. We do it by understanding that all business works only because of people, and that business to business is really just a fancy way of saying person to person during business hours.

We may not be scientists, engineers, developers or inventors. But we know a lot of people who are, and we’d like to know you. Think about it: the human possibility of people connected together around meaningful work. Our role is simply to make the links, and to find for each a place to flourish.

Corporate Structure

Our corporate structure helps articulate the expertise in each area of our organization:

Executive Team

Appointed directly by Bill and Gail Masson, the Ian Martin Executive Team is an extraordinary mix of personalities and experience. Loree Bennett has been with IMG since 1989 and John Breininger brings an industry perspective with over 30 years of experience in the contract staffing industry. It might be accurate to say that Tim Masson has been “with the company” for over 30 years… official records credit six. Certainly, his prior decade as a software architect brings an outside-in perspective.

Our E-team is approachable and always receptive to new ideas. Contact them anytime by telephone, mail, or on your preferred social network. They’d love to connect.

  • Services

    All our service offerings are delivered with the unique characteristics of our brand personality:

    Authentic – we commit to be real and straightforward in all our interactions.

    Entrepreneurial – we are creative, agile and optimistic – able to act when others are handcuffed by inflexible systems.

    Stewardship – ‘So that people flourish’ is a calling to more than ourselves. We have a sense of ownership for the people, projects and communities we serve.

  • Contract Staffing

    Simply put, we match expertise to meaningful projects. By connecting the right people, to the right circumstances, at the right time, we help create environments of mutual flexibility and prosperity.

    We establish the employment relationship and pay weekly. The candidate works under the client’s supervision on their premises for the duration of the project.

  • Payroll Service

    Payroll Service is essentially Contract Staffing without recruitment. With over 2-3 times the dedicated staff of our major competitors, it’s clear we still believe in the advantages of “service” in payroll.

    Companies refer a candidate for a specific project or time period. We establish the employment relationship and pay weekly. The candidate works under the client’s supervision on their premises.

  • Permanent Placement

    Recruiting is a soft skill – but it’s not a basic one. Great recruiters are usually 5-10X more productive than average ones. We’ve poured time and resources into identifying, hiring, training and developing people who are focused on finding the best talent in your industry.

    More important, we firmly believe in the benefits of aligning people with their strengths, and in establishing authentic connections of mutual benefit.

  • Managed Services

    When you require more sophisticated resourcing in our specific areas of expertise, we provide a complete project team (our site or yours) to get the job done.

    We have amassed years of experience working with clients to design creative and flexible solutions. We’d love to put that experience to work for you.

  • Project Outsourcing

    Taking the lead from some of our closest, we have developed specific in-house teams with the capacity to provide work on the basis of project deliverables.

    Just some examples:

    In Telecom, we have a Network Engineering Team of over 100 people configuring equipment upgrades in CO Hubs worldwide. We also have a Field Services Operations team of 65 people currently installing 4G wireless rollouts.

    In Engineering, we have a mechanical design team, a PCB layout team and several technical writing/instructional design teams.

    Often, these teams compete for business not against other staffing agencies – but consulting firms, OEMs, and outsourcing shops. Our advantage? We are light, nimble and easy to work with.

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