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    Telecom is not boxes and wires. It’s about connecting people & improving the world. At IMT, our R&D budget is totally devoted to connecting Telecom professionals with a place to flourish.

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    We build relationships

    “Hyper-connectivity” – the driver of IPv6 adoption.
    “Hyper-connected” – the IMT network of authentic relationships.
    Your next rollout depends on it.

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    We add value

    In Telecom, high-bandwidth & low-latency make the strongest connections. Our team delivers fast, flexible project and people solutions. And our priority QoS ensures your workflow is jitter-free.


Why Choose IMT?


Through over four decades of expert service in Telecom, Ian Martin has consistently connected with the right people, and has built deep, long-standing relationships with both OEMs and Telcos. Global rollouts are on the rise; established, trusted relationships like ours make the difference.

IMT’s internal project-team is over 100-strong. Our capabilities range from a single engineering function to complete turnkey engineering solutions. We are able to create custom builds or expand current groups from scratch. And when your core engineers are needed for product development, we ease the burden by maintaining legacy systems and networks.

You’re looking for solutions. We get that. Our recruiters are dedicated to delivering a perfect fit, on time, every time.

What we do… and why


We believe amazing achievements are made when innovative people connect. At Ian Martin, we have 40 years experience serving clients that connect the world together.

We may not be scientists, engineers, developers or inventors. But we know a lot of people who are, and we’d like to know you. Think about it: the human possibility of people connected together around meaningful work. Our role is simply to make the links, and to find for each a place to flourish.

Telecom Career Connection

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      Telecom Expertise

    • IMT has been providing turnkey engineering solutions for Telco deployment in the Americas and Caribbean for over 2 decades. Today, our in-house team – over 100 people strong – provisions & configures carrier and enterprise installations on behalf of our OEM partners. Fully outsourced or managed in partnership, we handle their Telco projects from time-of-sale through to commissioning, launch and in-service date.

      Ian Martin’s Telecom Engineering Group is ISO 9001:2008 + TL 9000 R5.0 registered and certified. Our major customers are Ericsson, Genband, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, and Kapsch.

      Services Include:

      • Network Engineering
      • Hardware Engineering
      • Database Engineering
      • Project Management
      • Site Engineering
      • Network Integration
      • Installation
      • Records Maintenance
      • Migration Services
      • Network Transformation
    • With 4G rollouts happening at a record pace across North America, the shortage of trained installers has become a major bottleneck for Telcos who are trying to be first out of the gate.

      In early 2011, we mined our deep networks, and put 59 people to work for our clients in just six weeks across 9 states. IMT is capable of moving beyond a traditional base in Telecom Engineering, and delivering flexible resourcing for clients in any area of corporate need.

      To leverage our vast experience in rapid, flexible Telecom resourcing, contact: telecom@ianmartin.com

    • For over 10 years, IMT’s in-house team of PCB specialists has delivered hundreds of board design projects. We have our own designers, ECAD licenses (Mentor Graphics and Cadence) and workstations ready to deploy rapidly.

      Our clients in the telecom, consumer electronics, and Military/Aerospace industries use our services for numerous projects including new board design, test board design and respins of existing designs. We are committed to delivering quality-competitive, cost-effective, straightforward and transparent solutions.

      Contact pcb@ianmartin.com for more information on our capabilities.

    • Since 1998, our in-house mechanical design team has specialized in the detail design and documentation of electronics packaging for the telecommunications and Military/Aerospace industries. Some of our experience includes detail design of PCB’s, optical circuit packs, cable routing and fiber management trays, faceplates, latches, card stiffeners, plastic and sheet metal enclosures for commercial, carrier and military grade equipment. Using FEA simulations and CFD tools we have provided our client’s with thermal analysis and modeling to aid in the thermal design of electronics enclosures and system level cooling.

      We have our own designers, licenses (Pro/Engineer, Autocad, FloTherm, IcePak, CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator) and workstations ready to deploy rapidly to any suit any requirement or project. Most of our clients find us more cost-effective than using their own in-house teams; we often take on legacy, cost reduction and retrofit projects so that your designers can focus on new product development.

      Contact mechanical@ianmartin.com for more information on our capabilities.

    • IMT is one of the leading near-shore providers of Technical Writing Services in North America. Often, we can set up a project office near our client’s premises in a matter of weeks – some have housed as many as fifty writers.

      We write documentation for new products or handle legacy projects. Writing support is available from the start of the project/product development cycle to the completion of documentation. Our Technical writers research the technical design intent, create and verify the relevant information and publish to the intended audience. We understand the intent of the design and communicate that intent to the end user in the most appropriate document media.

      Contact techwriting@ianmartin.com for more information on our capabilities.

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