• Our technology-driven world requires a new type of business leader. They require an understanding of the technologies that underpin today’s innovative companies and at the same time be able to speak the language of business and management.

    With over 50 years in the technical recruitment industry and offices in Toronto and Winnipeg, Ian Martin Executive understands what it takes to be a leader at a technical organization. We connect you with individuals that possess the ability to integrate and apply scientific know-how in the world of business.

  • Leading a team is definitely challenging but leading a technical team is a very specialized area that can be extremely demanding. Technical employees, whether they are engineers, software developers or scientists are as unique as the projects that they work on. Their managers need to be able to speak their language and understand their distinct personalities and motivational drivers.

    Our approach is simple: Understand the company, culture and individual employees – then find the right leader that can foster and build an exceptional technical team.


Why Choose Ian Martin Executive?


Ian Martin Executive is a unique executive search firm. Our focus is in providing exceptional business leadership to technical and scientific centered organizations. You seek to partner and develop strong, fair, unpretentious relationships with business people that share in your values.

What we do… and why


We may not be scientists, engineers, developers or inventors. But we know a lot of people who are, and we’d like to know you. Think about it: the human possibility of people connected together around meaningful work. Our role is simply to make the links, and to find for each a place to flourish.

Thoughts on Technical Leadership

Sharing best practices on business leadership for technical and scientific centered organizations.

    • Standing Man
      We’ve all seen the flow diagrams, circle charts and pyramid stacks that define the ‘unique’ processes of other executive search firms. At Ian Martin Executive, we turn over every stone and look deeper. Our true value is in discovering the problem.
    • Understand the Unique Team

      With any new client or assignment, a specially trained recruiter spends one to two days interviewing the senior leadership team and direct reports to understand the company, the role and most importantly, the team. We employ assessment tools to ensure the search is data-driven and evidence-based. We then submit you a strategic report highlighting broader insights gained in this process.

    • Find the Right Leader

      We don’t rely on passive advertising to find candidates. We source directly every time, research and contacting A players from diverse sectors and geographies. The search is always performed by a senior search professional, whose core business is executive search. Our team is small and deeply experienced, so unlike large firms, we don’t hand you off to inexperienced people.

      Our purpose is to connect people with meaningful work, and we believe that putting the right leadership in place plays a vital role in achieving this. We will find you great business leaders that will foster exceptional technical teams.

    • Ensure the Right Connection

      Following rigorous interviews and reference checks, we present you with A players. You make their final decision between well-vetted candidates. We provide a bridge between your organization and the candidate for win-win employment negotiations. And we stand by the quality of our work: if the selected candidate is terminated for cause or serious performance issues within the first year, we conduct the search to replace him or her without charging professional fees.


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