10 Big Coding Mistakes Wrecking Your Project

We admit there are certainly more mistakes out there (agree or disagree?) but this list from InfoWorld highlights ten big coding practices that are keeping your project in the minor leagues and preventing it from scaling:

  1. Typos in your code
  2. Failing to indent or format your code
  3. Failing to modularize your code
  4. Letting Your IDE Lull You Into a False Sense of Security
  5. Hard-coding passwords
  6. Failing to use good encryption to protect data
  7. Optimizing code prematurely
  8. Failing to think ahead
  9. Adding people to make up for lost time
  10. Using known bad time estimates

So hands up – who is guilty of one (or more) of those?  It happens to all of us … Read more on InfoWorld … and avoid these pitfalls.

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski on Flickr via Creative Commons