3 Reasons Why You Should Become an Engineer

There’s likely more than three good reasons to become an engineer – however, this advice aimed at those young in their careers highlights a few selling points for a career in engineering.  Not surprisingly – the pay is on the list.

According to Careerealism, 3 Great Reasons Why You Should Become an Engineer:

  • You’ll be in demand: experts are forecasting  11% growth in demand for engineers over the next 10 years – with many current engineers retiring.  Companies will be looking for your talent.
  • You’ll get paid well: in the US, the median starting salary for an engineer straight out of school is over $53k – one of the highest paying Bachelor’s degrees
  • You’ll get to change the world: combining creative and technical skills, engineers have the chance to stay ahead of the curve and create new solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.

We’d like to know – has this been your experience?  Would you recommend engineering as a career to a high school grad?  We’d be interested to hear your comments below.

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Become An Engineer [Careerealism]


Scott Russell Dempster

Scott Russell Dempster

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