4 Hiring Tips from an Engineering Recruiter

Recruitment can be tough in any industry, but when you’re looking to hire an engineer, the competition can be incredibly fierce. Since engineers are in such high demand right now, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of your recruiting game and pay attention to tips and tricks directly from the experts.

Here are five of the best hiring tips from an engineering recruiter, and how you can use them to the best of your advantage to find top talent for your company.

1. Start By Understanding Their Motives

Like any industry, the best way to start off your hiring journey is to take a step back and ask yourself: what can I offer candidates that my competitors can’t?

To answer this question, think about what motivates your candidates—what do engineers want out of their jobs, and how can you make this happen for them? Because they’re so in-demand right now, engineers often have a lot of flexibility in the workplace. While money might be a factor in their ultimate decision, a lot of them want workplace flexibility—like the ability to work from home or the option to choose which projects they work on. The best type of hiring manager or engineering recruiter will do the research on what types of offers your competitors are making to their candidates, giving you the chance to tailor your proposal based on the needs of those elusive recruits.

2. Do Your Research

If you’re going to be hiring an engineer without the help of an engineering recruiter, you’re going to have to learn the lay of the land. Engineering is a relatively fast-developing industry, so you’ll have to put a bit of effort into becoming fluent in the technological area that you’re hiring in. Before you start the hiring process, ensure that you know what skills and competencies you’re seeking to get the job done right so that you’re not perusing the wrong kind of engineering talent. This can be especially crucial during the interview stage, as being able to talk to candidates in their own language will give a greater indicator as to how they’ll fit into your team.

3. Lead With Your Problem

Engineers are architects at heart, and this means that typically they’re passionate about solving problems and making things work. Although your “problem” is an empty position that needs filling, structuring your approach with an issue that needs solving can pique a talented engineer’s interest. During the recruitment process, offer up a problem that your company had in the past and ask your candidates what their course of action might be in solving it. You’ll learn a lot about how they work, while simultaneously giving them a slice of what types of interesting projects they’d be working on at your company.

4. Work on Your Brand

For many engineers, a big part of their employment decision rests on the company itself and not simply what kind of compensation you’re offering. Reputation is key in the hiring game, and ensuring that your business has a positive brand is a huge part of that. Being active on social media, having a visually appealing and design savvy website, and fostering a healthy company culture can all contribute to your recruiting success. Thinking beyond your needs as an employer and entering into the mindset of an engineering recruiter by considering every possible angle will be sure to get you the top engineers for your business.

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