4 Secrets to Hire Technical Staff

Hiring can be a competitive process, especially when you’re looking for top talent. With their specialized skill sets, tech professionals are prized in an increasingly competitive market. As companies invest more and more in tech, there’s a huge demand for talented technical staff—so it’s likely that your favourite candidate is also fielding offers from your competitors.

For specialized professionals, it’s essential to know what will give you the competitive edge to land the top talent. With the best tech professionals, you can dramatically cut costs and increase revenue. But where do you begin to find these candidates and make them want to work for you?

Here’s how you should hire technical staff to ensure you can build the best team for business success:

1. It’s Not What You Know–It’s Who You Know

One of the best ways to hire technical staff is through a referral network. When you know smart technical people, they’ll likely know where to send you looking. You can encourage the existing IT staff to help with networking efforts for incentives appropriate to your company; a great tech placement will be worth it.

You should also be looking to build networks outside your company. Keep in touch with the industry via social media and tech-related events to help make connections faster. Even if you’re not looking to hire right now, it’s always a good idea to stay connected to related fields in case you find yourself looking to fill the position quickly. Plus, staying connected with a strong network of professionals, events, and opportunities can be a perk your company can offer that will appeal to top talent.

2. See Talent? Snap Them up Quickly

The strongest candidates (the ones you want to hire) with the best tech skills will be gone if you don’t make an offer quickly. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t wait for the right person and hire the first person you interview—rather, when you interview a great candidate with all the skills and experience you’re looking for, you should seize the opportunity and make them a strong offer.

You’ll also want to get back to candidates quickly. News travels fast in the tech world; you don’t want to risk a poor perception of your brand. Your reputation in the industry can prevent the right hires from even applying—specifically at a time when corporate culture and innovative work environments are a huge factor for job seekers.

3. Ask Them What Went Wrong: The Post-Process Interview

When you conduct a post-process interview, you show that you’re interested in the happiness of your employees. Sending a few quick emails to people who rejected your offer (and accepted someone else’s above yours) can show you where you went wrong and give you insight into what your competitors are offering. When you know what the top talent want and what they expect, you can be prepared next time to match it.

4. Get a Powerhouse Partner behind You

Workingwith a recruitment partner has a number of benefits that can save you and your company both time and money when you’re looking to hire technical staff. They have vast networks of professionals already established at their fingertips to help you find your ideal candidate. With an agency, you’re dealing with experts who have special knowledge of up-to-date market trends and hiring practices.

Essentially, an agency can guarantee you’re happy with the candidate they send you—and if not, they’ll send you a new one. This can eliminate the risk of wrongly investing in a bad hire. You can use your time more efficiently—they save you from sifting through dozens of resumes and sitting through time-consuming interviews. Instead, you can focus your efforts on what’s really important: making your company successful in the ways you know how.

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