5 AI Jobs For Tech Candidates Ready For A Retool

Have you been thinking it might be time to refocus your technical skills to take advantage of the growth that’s taking place in the field of artificial intelligence? Findings from a report from consulting firm, KPMG, could serve as a helpful trail of breadcrumbs to lead you to some of the sector’s most in-demand roles. 

Based on its own projects scattered across the globe and also several that it advises on, KPMG has singled out these five AI roles as the jobs companies should consider creating if they want to effectively build their AI capabilities.  

AI Architect
The role of AI Architect is focused on identifying opportunities where AI can help a business. In addition to measuring performance of AI initiatives, those in this role are charged with ensuring the company’s AI efforts help build the bottom line.  

AI Product Manager
The AI Product Manager works between various organizational teams to ensure productive relationships between humans and machines and that AI efforts can be implemented at scale.  

Data Scientist
Data Scientists turn an organization’s data into actionable business insights. This involves cleaning data to ensure different collections of data can play nicely together, building models and algorithms to extract patterns, interpreting those patterns and communicating insights to organizational stakeholders. Although the term Data Scientist was first coined just a decade ago, the increasing importance of extracting value from rapidly growing vaults of organizational data has made the role one of the world’s fastest growing jobs. In 2012, Harvard Business Review celebrated the title of Data Scientist as the sexiest job of the 21st century and since then the field has exploded.   

AI Technology Software Engineer
AI Technology Software Engineers are often charged with solving one of the biggest AI problems facing businesses right now: transitioning projects from pilot phase to scalable deployment. 

AI Ethicist
An AI Ethicist tackles the ethical challenges that unfold as AI technology develops by creating guidelines and ensuring the company has systems in place to encourage compliance.  

According to KPMG, many of the skills required for these positions require specific technical know-how that may not currently exist within a company. Surging demand for these AI skillsets means that it will be a job seeker’s market as business leaders race to build their teams so they can win at the AI race.   

Some of the AI-related positions we’ve been recruiting for recently at Ian Martin that confirm KPMG’s predictions are on the right track include Data Sciences Analyst and Cloud Data Engineer. To browse the most recent postings, search our current Information Technology job postings. Use the keyword “data” to in the search bar to narrow down your options. 

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