5 Interview Questions Engineering Recruiters Ask

Interview questions are almost always designed to learn something more about the candidate than the question initially suggests. The interview questions engineering recruiters ask are no different. An important part of the interview is knowing what the recruiters want to know so you can better respond to the question. Here are five interview questions engineering recruiters ask.

1. Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

High volume turnover is something that engineering industries like to avoid, especially considering the need for highly specialized engineering projects. This question will help them get a sense of just how dedicated you are to your engineering field. They want to make sure you have no plans to enter into another industry or another field sometime soon.

A good way to field this question is by having a thorough understanding of the career trajectory associated with the job you’re applying for. You want to demonstrate to the recruiter your interest in following that trajectory and mastering the challenges necessary to achieve your career goals.

2. What Characteristics Do You Think Are Necessary to Be an Engineer?

This question is designed to allow the recruiter to get a sense of your character and values—to get a better sense of where to place you. A huge part of successful integration into a company is working in an environment where there is a shared value system. The recruiter is trying to learn more about you as a person, not just your skill set and experience level. When answering this question, emphasize not only the characteristics you believe are necessary, but also how you have personally applied them in past experiences. This will show the recruiter that you’re not just someone with good character, but someone who will carry out those values on the job.

3. How Do You Go about Problem Solving?

Problem solving will be a huge part of any job you land in the engineering field. The recruiter is asking this question to determine if you’re up for the task, and if you have solid problem solving skills. This is definitely a question you’ll want to answer with specific examples of ways you’ve problem solved in previous work experiences. Don’t be vague! Give the recruiter a methodical action plan for how you rise to meet challenges.

4. What New Engineering Skills Have You Attained in the Last Year?

Engineering is a field that is constantly expanding and updating its technologies and processes, with new research and information emerging all the time. Being able to keep up to date on the latest engineering trends and news is a valuable asset and one that engineering recruiters are actively looking for when they interview candidates. They want to be assured that if they place you in a position, you’ll be able to not only have the necessary skill set to work in the current setting, but will also be proactive in learning and developing skills along the way. Getting across that you are invested in lifelong learning is highly recommended.

5. When Have You Had An Idea That Was Implemented in the Engineering Field?

Engineers come up with ideas and then they see them through to their implementation. Engineering is about so much more than just being able to perform a set amount of tasks; it’s about the ability to come up with innovative solutions that can produce results. This question is all about discerning just how proactive you are in the workplace, and how much initiative you take when you’re on the job. Use specific examples, and make sure to adhere to the question guidelines. Don’t refer to ideas you’ve had that you haven’t tried to implement, but ideas that you’ve actually seen through to fruition.