5 Steps to Implement a Direct Sourcing Program

Every successful program ties each one of the operating components together, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems, and backed by an agile team ready to adjust quickly so your business can continue to deliver successfully.

Below are some recommendations for those organizations embarking on the initial stages of considering how a direct sourcing program could support their 2021 contingent labor program objectives.

1. Do your diligence

 Know what you want and what problems you want to solve.  There are only a handful of providers in this space with successful experience and many more rushing to jump in. Be aware of what you are buying and dive deep into the solution backed by experience.

2. Carefully assess the enabling technology options.

As part of the diligence process, it’s important to understand the technology enablement possibilities, and how they will align seamlessly with your current technology enterprise system.  An effective technology stack is the main direct sourcing success factor.

3. It is all about people.

Talent community building requires a different skillset from reactive recruiting.  The market voice of a curator is different than that of a recruiter.  The incentives aligned with performance are also different.  A successful program requires deep and relevant knowledge of the CW program drivers.

4. Practice makes perfect.

A trial and proof of concept experience is always a wise choice for selecting the right direct sourcing partner.  Challenge your future partner to show you how they are able to quickly build a talent community.  This important exercise will give visibility into the performance and will give your organization the real data / metrics to use in the decision-making process.

5. Effective change management is the best predictor of future success.

Ask your supply base and partners questions about how they are responding to the direct sourcing movement.  Find out who currently in your ecosystem can help with advice and guidance.  Be clear about your program’s problems and goals and challenge your future partners to demonstrate how their offering aligns with your needs.

We at Ian Martin would be pleased to support a Rapid Direct Sourcing Current State Assessment for your organization. Please feel free to contact me at Tim.Rhodes@ianmartin.com to discuss this exciting and innovating option.

5 steps of direct sourcing