5 Ways You’ll Hire Better With Technical Recruiters

You have technical skills you add to your team, but trolling job boards or working LinkedIn takes a lot of your time and resources. Partnering with technical recruiters can give your businesses a big leg up over yourcompetition and help you ensure they’re getting the best and brightest candidates. Here are five benefits of teaming up with technical recruiters for your talent acquisition needs.

5. They Have the Connections

When you’re looking for the best and brightest candidates to fill positions in your company, you want to spread a wide net. While you might begin your search with a site like LinkedIn, a technical recruiter goes beyond to reach into the wider tech community. They might use the “tried and true” methods, but they’ll also have connections on university campuses, in tech communities like GitHub, and they might even attend local tech meet-ups. This means that they can cast a wider net and reach a larger pool of qualified candidates.

4. They’re on Top of Recruiting Trends

Are you still accepting plain old paper resumes, or are you looking for infographics, portfolios, and video cover letters? Technical recruiters are forward-looking and will be able to identify candidates who are on top of the job market and responding to trends in employer demands. That means they can help you get the information you want and need with each application—and even ensure the format it’s delivered in. They’ll also be able to leverage new technology, like online recruiting platforms, which can help you find a greater number of highly qualified candidates. Their knowledge of trends can also help you stay on top of best practices, such as blind interviewing and anonymous resume screening.

3. They Look for More Than Just Skills

More and more, it’s becoming obvious that cultural fit is just as important as skills when hiring someone new. While plenty of candidates may be qualified for a position in terms of skills and training, very few of them will mesh well with your corporate culture. Recruiters can screen not only for skills, but for cultural fit as well. That can narrow the candidate pool—which means you spend time interviewing the people who are the best possible fit for your company.

2. They Save You Time

The talent search can be a long and involved process—and you may not have time to scour the corners of the earth to find the perfect candidate. What’s more, with the advent of online application systems that make job searches quick and applications simple, businesses can find themselves swamped with hundreds of applications for a single position. Do you really have time to pick through all of those resumes to determine if any of them might be worth interviewing? Worse, you might spend time narrowing down the field and interviewing a handful of candidates—only to find that none of them are the right fit for your business. Then it’s back to the drawing board.

When you employ a technical recruiter, they do a lot of that initial legwork for you—from finding the candidates to reviewing resumes to even conducting initial interviews—which means you only need to spend time interviewing the candidates who are really worth your time.

1. They Save You Money

Many employers worry that partnering with a recruiting agency will cost them too much for too little return. Stories about recruiting firms that refer poor candidates, fail to consider cultural fit, and charge too much for their services abound. But recruiting—when it works right—actually saves businesses time and money. They can bring you the best and brightest through expanded networks, and they can conduct interviews to ensure those candidates they refer to you are really the best fit. That means you’re much less likely to hire someone simply to fill the position, only to spend time and money training them, and then need to part ways in six months.

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