5 Ways You’ll Win with an Engineering Recruitment Partner

Hiring is an exciting time for an engineering company. Stressful too, but you are about to hire new employees who will bring in creative energy and ideas to help your company grow. Having a winning strategy for hiring is important. If you partner with an engineering recruitment firm, here are five ways you’ll win:

1. Cost Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with an engineering recruitment firm is the money it can save you in the hiring process. Hiring can be expensive; the resources it takes to find the right candidates, coupled with the cost of training and integrating new employees, can be large. Not to mention that the largest turnover of employees happens in the first six months of employment, and the financial costs associated with turnover are also high. While recruitment firms require a fee for their services, in the long run, you can actually save money with them. They handle the costly process of finding candidates and providing training, and their services also lead to less turnover, saving you money all around.

2. Ready-to-Go Candidates

When you’re looking for someone to fill a position, you’re often in need of someone who can begin work and take over the position right away. You don’t necessarily have a lot of time to find someone, especially when the work is for a time-sensitive engineering project. Engineering recruitment companies have pools of candidates ready so that when you need a position filled, they already have skilled people lined up for consideration. Many recruitment firms also offer orientation programs and training for employees, meaning they can hit the ground running from day one.

3. Vetted Candidates

When you undertake hiring on your own, you’re likely to receive numerous—sometimes hundreds—of applications from candidates, many of whom won’t have the necessary qualifications or experience. Wading through these resumes to find the best candidates is tedious and time consuming. When you partner with an engineering recruitment firm, you see only the most qualified candidates. The recruitment company vets each potential candidate for you, with in-depth interviews and background checks that guarantee to save you time.

4. Deep Networks

Engineering recruitment firms maintain strong relationships within the engineering community, and have spent years fostering networks that run much deeper than those that your company on their own would have access to. Thus, theyhave the means to reach the most talented individuals who would be able to bring the most to your organization. In order to secure top talent to fill vacant positions, you need a large breadth of candidates with the best quality skill sets. For any business, the time required to build these networks is out of reach, which is why partnering with a recruitment firm is a smart choice.

5. Short-Term Help

Every so often, the need for short-term contract work will arise, and filling short-term slots can be difficult. While the work won’t be permanent, you still need skilled, talented professionals who you can trust. This is especially true in the engineering field, where the demand for short-term workers is higher than in other industries. Engineering projects often have set time frames that require individuals who can bring energy and initiative to a project without requiring a long-term commitment.

Short-term contracts are one of the areas in where partnering with an engineering recruitment firm can be most beneficial. Engineering recruitment firms often specialize in providing short-term contracts on short-term notice. This means that when you’re in need of skilled professionals for time-sensitive projects, you’re guaranteed access to specialized skills and top quality candidates.

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