6 months of Volunteering at Ian Martin

You don’t have to spend much time at the Ian Martin Group to see our heart. At our core – we care. We’ve lived out our compassion in a variety of ways in past years – whether it’s been through fundraising events or food drives, we’ve always enjoyed giving back.

Six months ago we launched an internal tool called Benevity to track and measure our social investment. The results are in and the numbers below tell the incredible story of IMG’s community involvement. 84% of our staff volunteered their time in the last 6 months and together we have logged 854 volunteer hours.

bigger imageWhat have we been up to? As you can see from the list above – quite a lot! We’re striking a good balance of honoring our individual employees passions and interests while also creating some branch specific initiatives that meet our Stewardship Council’s stated mission:

We see a world with each and every person pursuing meaningful work.

In the last 6 months, we’ve seen our Toronto IMIT group volunteer and serve breakfast at Yonge Street Mission’s Evergreen Center for Street Youth. Our Pickering office volunteered at local nursing home by doing some much needed landscaping work. Members of the IME west team ran a program for ACCES Employment, teaching their clients some of the ins and outs of the recruiting industry. Our staff have mentored, served on boards, coached, taught and campaigned in countless ways.

10628543_829664487066734_3880825632783419020_nAnd there are even more opportunities planned for the next 6 months! Our goal is to log 1,860 volunteer hours by the end of our fiscal year. This equals one full work year for a contractor. Could we double that to 3,720 hours in the years to come?

The Stewardship Council will be hard at work organizing structured volunteer opportunities while also supporting individual employee’s passions. For example, a dedicated basketball player and member of our IMIT team, Alexander Stephen, is crafting an innovative program that we are keen to support. Having recently relocated to Nova Scotia, Alex has been working in his spare time to organize basketball clinics for the underprivileged young people living in nearby local reserves. He reflects that sport has an incredible impact on a young life “… it provides priceless life skills that can help a youth excel in all areas. It teaches discipline, communication, teamwork, handling success and defeat, mental toughness and focus.” Alex has run clinics throughout Nigeria, Ghana and in other parts of Canada and he’s excited to put his gifts to work in his new neighbourhood.

197195_4366084670_4107_nAlex (right) – Teaching youth the valuable life skills that come with playing sports

One of the upcoming programs organized by the Stewardship Council will invite interested employees to participate in our expanding partnership with ACCES Employment.  Our Toronto and Oakville locations will be hosting groups of job seekers who are part of Acces Employment’s Engineering Connection’s program for newcomers to Canada. Every 6 weeks, we will invite a group of 12 program participants to our boardrooms to network, learn job search techniques and the basics of social media and Linked In. By offering the resources of our internal talent pool to the broader workforce who are struggling to find a job, we are practically serving our local community in a much needed and appreciated way.

The future is bright! Are you on staff with us and looking for support to make a volunteering event a reality? Or are you curious about ways to input causes you are passionate about into Benevity?  Don’t hesitate to touch base with either your team captain or a member of the Stewardship Council – we are all here to work together to bring to life the innate drive within each of us to connect with the world around us. Kudos on your incredible work IMG, you are an inspiration!

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