7 Interview Questions to Ask IT Professionals

A quick Google search will lead you to dozens of lists with must-ask interview questions, but when you’re screening IT professionals, you should be industry-specific. IT professionals have a specialized skill set, so the interview should have a number of pointed questions to reflect that.

Here are 7 of the best, tailored interview questions to ask when screening IT professionals.

1. How Would You Start a Project That Requires You to Use New Technology?

Technology isn’t going to stop changing, so your hire should be adaptable to change. They may not have the best expertise on every single emerging product, but it’s how they fill the knowledge gap that’s important. As their employer, you’ll want to see that being given a new project slightly out of their comfort zone won’t faze them, and that they’re confident in their ability to widen their skill set.

2. How Do You Keep Your Technology Skills up to Date?

With the rapid changes in tech, you’ll want to see that your candidate actively works to keep their skills current. IT professionals should show initiative by talking about online classes or tutorials, instances where they learned from their team or mentors, or explaining how they’ve spent their spare time consistently updating their skills.

3. What Are Your Favourite and Least Favourite Tech Products? Why?

This is a question that IT professionals will enjoy; it’s a chance to show their enthusiasm and knowledge of the industry—which is something you should expect them to like talking about. Do they get animated when they discuss certain products? Do they show expansive knowledge in a range of technologies? If your candidate struggles to answer this question, they may not be the most qualified hire beyond their specific skill set.

4. What Are Two or Three Major Trends Affecting the IT Industry and Where Do You See This Leading the Profession?

This question isn’t about seeing whether your candidate lists specific trends, but that they have the ability to identify trends and their impact on your industry. Knowledgeable IT professionals will monitor changes in the industry, and have a sense of what the implications are for tech. Finding a hire who can help predict changes and new directions in your industry is always beneficial.

5. Tell Me about a Time You Were Asked to Perform a Task That You Didn’t Understand

It’s important to see that your potential hire is willing to ask questions when they’re uncertain about something. Astrong answer should show off a candidate’s problem solving skills, and their ability to identify where they could improve for the next time. With questions like these, it’s all about seeing whether or not they’re able to take initiative and responsibility.

6. What Skills Do You Hope to Learn and Develop Here as Our Employee?

This question will determine a number of things about your candidate. First, you’ll see to what extent they understand the role they’re interviewing for, and what their expectations are once they begin to work there. You’ll also get a sense of how much responsibility they’re used to taking on, and what they hope to learn from you and your team. You’ll want to gauge their potential for growth, which will show you if they’re a right fit for the dynamics of your company.

7. From What You Know about Our Company, What Technology Will Make Us Stronger Competitors?

Including IT professionals on your team can boost the operating performance of your business. Though the initial expense can be high, having the proper technology in place can drive revenues, reduce overall costs, and lower risk costs. But you’ll want to ensure your candidate can offer creative solutions, and that they understand the role of tech in staying ahead of the competition.

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