7 Tips for Hiring in the Automotive Infotainment Market

The market for engineers is very competitive, especially in the automotive infotainment market. Every company wants talented engineers for their projects, but not every company can find them. Ninety-five percent of hiring managers say they have trouble filling open engineering positions.

If you’re struggling to find the best engineers for your infotainment team, this essential guide to hiring engineers will help put you on the right track. Here are seven tips for hiring in the very competitive automotive infotainment market.

1. Ask Your Network

As a hiring manager of engineers, you probably know a lot of people in the engineering field. Other managers at the company, past colleagues, or old classmates could know someone who’s looking for a job. They can put you in touch with talented engineers you wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise. Plus, when someone comes recommended by a person you trust, you can hire confidently.

2. Ask for Employee Referrals

Hiring through an employee referral program is an effective recruitment tool. Your existing employees can help you find talented workers for your team. As infotainment engineers, they have a lot of connections in the industry. Let your employees know you’re hiring, and tell them what type of candidates you’re looking for. They may have friends or old coworkers that would be a perfect fit for the team.

3. Write Clear Job Postings

Have you ever read a job posting and had no idea what the job entailed? Many companies write vague or generic postings that don’t give applicants much information. If you write vague postings, candidates may get confused. They won’t know what type of work they’d be doing.

The highly talented infotainment engineers you want to hire won’t waste their time trying to decipher unclear posts. Write posts that detail the day-to-day responsibilities of the position and the skills and experience needed to succeed. Be as clear and specific as possible to more easily hire engineers.

4. Branch out from Job Boards

A lack of quality applicants is one of the biggest struggles for hiring managers of engineers. After posting a job ad on an online board, you may be swamped with candidates who aren’t the right fit. After reading through all the resumes, you may not find a single person you want to interview. That’s why hiring managers should branch out. Don’t just rely on online job boards. Use other methods, like social media, to find candidates.

5. Sell the Position

Job interviews aren’t just an opportunity for you to find out if candidates are right for the job. They’re also an opportunity for candidates to find out if the job is right for them. During interviews, remember that your candidates are also evaluating you and the company. Try to find out what candidates are excited about, and try to sell them on relevant aspects of the job.

Candidates should be excited about working for you by the end of the interview. If they’re not excited, they can easily get a job somewhere else.

6. Emphasize Interesting Work

Since engineers are in high demand, they don’t need to settle for jobs that will bore them. They can search for opportunities that will be more exciting and interesting. During interviews, talk about the interesting work your infotainment team has done in the past. This gives candidates an idea of the type of work they’d be doing on a day-to-day basis if they join your team.

7. Use a Recruiting Agency

Since the market for automotive infotainment engineers is so competitive, you may still struggle with hiring after following these tips. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you need a bit of help with hiring.

A recruiting agency can hunt for talented infotainment engineers for your team. Recruiters have large networks and are experts at finding candidates for companies. In no time, they can find the perfect engineers to join your team.

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