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Commute is King for Today’s Young Professionals

There’s an important lesson for hiring teams to take away from housing trends in today’s hot real estate market: don’t underestimate the importance of the drive to work. Recently, the Toronto Region Board of Trade surveyed 1,100 professionals, aged 18 to 39. Forty per cent had a household income of more than $100,000. Eighty-seven per […]

Understanding the Impact of Blockchain

Blockchain is poised to have an enormous impact on how data is recorded and shared across the internet. In short, blockchain is a distributed database, like one giant spreadsheet shared by a massive series of computers the world over.  The important difference from databases now is that this technology is not a centralized system controlled by […]

Understanding FinTech Categories

These days, traditional banks and financial services companies have a lot of competition. Innovative companies in the financial technology industry are transforming many categories of the financial services market. As a CIO, you need to be familiar with the many categories of financial technology. With this knowledge, you can stay on top of trends and […]