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Turn Up the Volume on Your Company’s Training and Development Efforts

Cash is definitely not king when it comes to winning over millennials in today’s competitive hiring environment. In fact, in one study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, millennials didn’t just rank training and development as their most valued employee benefit, they rated it a whopping 300 per cent higher than cash bonuses! How can you prove to prospective […]

How to Manage Contract Staff

It takes a lot of work to manage your workforce well. You need to ensure workers have the tools they need to complete their duties, but you also have to motivate them so they’ll produce their best work. A professional’s underperformance may be due to external factors, but poor management often plays a role as […]

4 Best Practices to Improve Your Candidate Experience

What role do you have in shaping your company’s reputation? If you’re a hiring manager, you probably play a bigger part than you might imagine. After all, your job requires you to field external inquiries and even meet with professionals from outside of your company. Every interaction you have affects your audience’s perception of your […]

The 5 Best Ways to Improve Your Onboarding Program

New hires are like seeds. At first, they have nothing but potential. The right care will help them flourish, while neglect will ensure that they never reach their full potential. As a hiring manager, it’s your job to make sure this doesn’t happen. Just as the gardener’s job doesn’t end when the seed is planted, […]