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Have You Considered Working in the Automotive Infotainment Market?

Are you looking for work in the engineering field? Engineering is an in-demand field, so talented engineers can have their pick of employers. You can look for exciting opportunities that enable you to work on meaningful projects. To find these opportunities, don’t be afraid to branch out and look for work in areas you haven’t […]

7 Tips for Hiring in the Automotive Infotainment Market

The market for engineers is very competitive, especially in the automotive infotainment market. Every company wants talented engineers for their projects, but not every company can find them. Ninety-five percent of hiring managers say they have trouble filling open engineering positions. If you’re struggling to find the best engineers for your infotainment team, this essential […]

Avoid These 7 Resume Writing Mistakes

Your C.V. is the place where you want to be sure to get everything right. Mistakes happen, but unfortunately, some errors are costlier than others. Your resume is your first impression put to paper, so you’ll want to spend the necessary time and effort to make it stand out from the rest. 

5 Little Known Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

A great resume doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a job, but you won’t get a job if you don’t have a great resume. Your CV is often your first point of contact with a potential employer—it speaks on your behalf and tells hiring managers whether you’re qualified for the position they need to fill. Do your […]

Interview Tips: What Hiring Managers Are Really Looking For

If you’re a job seeker, you don’t have an easy road to employment ahead of you. Even in-demand professionals such as engineers or IT specialists may face difficulties in their search for the right position. Unfortunately, you may end up in a self-perpetuating downward spiral if you stay unemployed for too long. Recruiters will consider […]