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CIOs: 7 Ways to Deal with Talent Scarcity

The IT skills shortage is a major issue for CIOs. Companies are competing for top talent, and there aren’t enough highly skilled employees to go around. The problem is only going to get worse. A recent Gartner report revealed there would be 1.4 million openings for computer specialists by 2020, but only enough qualified graduates […]

CIOs: How to Use Big Data to Recruit

Are IT hiring issues keeping you up at night? This is a common problem for CIOs. IT professionals are in high demand, and CIOs need to fight for top talent. Top talent is hard to come by, and six in 10 CIOs worry skills shortages will halt their companies from keeping up with change. Since it’s so […]

9 Big Industries Blockchain Tech Will Disrupt

When new technologies are developed, they provide new opportunities to innovative companies and disrupt whole industries. There are many examples of this throughout history, and as a CIO, you’ve probably experienced disruptive technologies firsthand. The internet, the mobile web, and cloud computing are some of the very disruptive technologies your company and others needed to […]

CIOs: How Budgets for IT Will Vary in 2017

Budget is a major concern for any CIO, and one of your biggest responsibilities is managing your company’s information technology budget. Changes in the budget will have a major effect on your day-to-day activities. Here’s how budgets for IT will vary in 2017: Budgets Compared to 2016 About half of companies have the same budget […]

Why Leadership Is a Key IT Skill

Do you tend to focus on hard IT skills when you’re hiring IT professionals? Hard IT skills are easy to quantify. You’d never hire a Java developer who didn’t have Java programming experience. You’d never hire an iOS application developer who didn’t know Objective C and had never built an app before. But hard skills […]

What Is Co-Employment?

You may have heard the term “co-employment” in various recruiting or hiring circles, but perhaps you’ve never really understood what it means. There is quite a bit of confusion regarding this term, and as a result, there are many people who are fearful of co-employment and unwilling to explore it as a valid option for […]

5 Ways Outsourcing Contract & Payroll Management Saves Time & Money

Bringing on contractors is supposed to make your organization more efficient–not slow it down. Managing contractors in-house, however, is becoming a demanding additional duty—especially for small business owners and startups. You need a way to keep costs down so you can focus on your core business. With this need for contract and payroll management, looking […]