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What You Can Expect When Working With a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter can be a great way to streamline your hiring process and help alleviate the stress of finding qualified candidates and filling positions. Recruiters offer a great deal of support with great results. If you’re new to working with a recruiter, here are some of the things that you can expect. A […]

Overwhelmed by Recruiting Engineers? Follow These 5 Tips

Do you wish you had a guide to hiring engineers? In this competitive market, recruiting engineers can be challenging. The best engineers are fielding offers from multiple companies, and companies need to compete to hire top talent. How can you attract talented engineers to your team while taking the stress out of the recruitment process? […]

5 Interview Questions Engineering Recruiters Ask

Interview questions are almost always designed to learn something more about the candidate than the question initially suggests. The interview questions engineering recruiters ask are no different. An important part of the interview is knowing what the recruiters want to know so you can better respond to the question. Here are five interview questions engineering […]

3 Things Hiring Managers Wish Job Candidates Knew

Hiring managers have a tough job. They have a specific need at their company–which is why they have an opening. They have to sort through many candidates for a particular role to find someone who can meet that need–someone who is qualified, a good cultural fit for the organization, and who demonstrates skills that could […]

Limiting liability for engineering consultants

Clients are loading engineering consultants with unreasonable liabilities beyond the scope of their expected professional responsibilities, as reported by Bronwen Parsons in a piece for Canadian Consulting Engineer. In the context of construction, this can include establishing warranties for products and materials, safeguarding workers on the construction site and other tasks that traditionally fall to […]

Six contractor roles to include on your outage team

About every 18 months, nuclear power plants must remove spent fuel and replace it with a fresh supply, a process that requires a scheduled outage. These necessary periods of downtime are extremely costly – lost revenue is lost revenue. Additionally, the utility company must contend with the equipment and staffing costs of the outage itself.