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5 Things an Engineering Recruitment Company Will Do (That You Won’t)

Partnering with an engineering recruitment company means getting a knowledgeable and experienced team to help you with things you might not necessarily be able to do on your own. Engineering recruitment companies make it their job to take on tasks that you often don’t have the time or resources for. Here are five things an engineering […]

7 Engineering Market Projections from Now to 2025

What will the engineering market look like in the next decade?  Through its partnership with Centre for Spatial Economics (C4SE), Engineers Canada has developed a report characterizing current supply and demand needs for engineers projecting through the year 2025. This information is tracked to provide accurate labour market information, including: employers, recruiters and those seeking […]

Apply Your Skills: 7 Careers in Engineering

Thinking about a career in engineering? You certainly won’t lack for options. The profession is both in demand and competitive, so there are plenty of jobs with reasonable pay—in fact, there are currently 1.6 million available in the U.S. alone. That doesn’t necessarily mean a great job is a sure thing, however. You’ll still have […]

How to Launch Your Mechanical Engineering Career

Worried about choosing passion over pay? Mechanical engineering can be both a lucrative and fulfilling career. With its broad parameters, it allows professionals to follow their interests and design a range of different products and tools. If you’re drawn by the science of motion and force (or just have a talent with machines) you may […]

Which of These 5 Engineering Recruiting Mistakes Are You Making?

Engineering recruiting can be challenging, costly, and time-consuming–like any hiring process. But with the industry’s exponential growth alongside the technological revolution, engineering has become an increasingly in-demand expertise. With this growing need for specialized and experienced engineers, the recruitment process can be risky for developing businesses.