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5 Careers in Engineering That Might Be Right for You

Many see careers in engineering as a surefire way to lead a comfortable, prosperous life. These workers benefit from great starting pay and high wages throughout their professional lives. Job security isn’t always guaranteed in some industries, but engineers’ skills always seem to be in demand. Maybe that’s why the United States produced over 237,000 […]

3 Things You Didn’t Know about Engineering Recruitment Agencies

A prolonged hiring process doesn’t benefit anyone. Candidates have to walk on eggshells waiting for your call, and many will take other jobs if they don’t hear from you quickly. Your company will also lose money and may even suffer from reduced productivity until you’re fully staffed again, which can put substantial pressure on hiring […]

5 Tips to Advance Your Civil Engineering Career

As a civil engineer, it’s not easy for you to nail down a career path. The industry is broader than its counterparts are, so you could potentially work on public infrastructure like roads and bridges or private works such as buildings. Each of these projects requires a range of professionals, from researchers to designers and […]

Wish You Could Hire Engineers?

Do you want to hire a skilled, diligent engineer? Good luck. Your search will likely require a great deal of time and resources. After all, start-ups usually spend an average of about 80 hours sourcing and recruiting just one engineer. Your projects will suffer if you don’t recruit the right personnel, but can you really […]