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How Infotainment Technology Is Transforming the Auto Industry

In-vehicle infotainment systems provide information and entertainment for drivers and their passengers. Consumers can use the systems to navigate, listen to music, make calls, and more. While you may think of these systems as fun add-ons for cars, they’re transforming the automotive industry. Here’s how. Infotainment Is Creating New Business Models Traditionally, automotive companies made […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Global Automotive Infotainment Industry

Electronics engineers are some of the most in-demand engineers in Canada. That makes it challenging to find engineers for your company’s automotive infotainment projects. Companies need to compete to get the best engineers for their infotainment teams. The more you know about the automotive infotainment industry, the easier it will be for you to recruit […]

7 Surprising Statistics about the In-Vehicle Infotainment Industry

Electronics engineering is one of the most in-demand engineering occupations in Canada. These engineers work on exciting projects, like in-car infotainment systems. Since they’re in such high demand, using this guide to hiring engineers will help attract top talent. Here are some interesting statistics about in-vehicle infotainment to keep in mind while you’re hiring. 1. […]

Emerging Vehicle Technology: 5 Trends Hiring Managers Should Know About

Modern cars have become veritable entertainment platforms in their own right. Back in the old days, drivers would have to rely on a radio or tape deck to entertain themselves on long trips. Now, passengers have fully integrated consoles at their fingertips. This vehicle technology can integrate with other devices and respond to voice requests, […]

How Engineering Recruiters Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

The hiring process can be incredibly stressful and time consuming. From beginning to end, it requires a lot of energy and work to find the right people and to make sure that they’re able to transition into their new positions. When you partner with engineering recruiters, you’re putting yourself in the hands of highly experienced […]

4 Secrets to Hire Technical Staff

Hiring can be a competitive process, especially when you’re looking for top talent. With their specialized skill sets, tech professionals are prized in an increasingly competitive market. As companies invest more and more in tech, there’s a huge demand for talented technical staff—so it’s likely that your favourite candidate is also fielding offers from your […]

4 Trends to Watch in the Engineering Industry

Engineers are the backbone of progress. They develop the products, machinery, and electronics that we use every single day, making the engineering industry a crucial part of our society. This makes it particularly important for engineers to stay up-to-date on what’s hot and what’s not, as the engineering industry has experienced unprecedented growth in recent […]