Best of Staffing Two Years in a Row!

Ian Martin Group is proud to announce today that for the second year in a row, both Ian Martin Group and 500 Staffing have been named as one of Inavero’s 2014 Best of Staffing® Award winners for both Best Client Service and Best Job Candidate Experience. Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, the fifth annual Best of Staffing Award provides the only statistically valid and objective service quality benchmarks in the industry, revealing which staffing agencies are delivering the highest satisfaction levels to their clients and the permanent and temporary employees for whom they find jobs. Yet again, this year’s award outcome highlights a growing divide among the industry’s leaders and laggards, and identifies Ian Martin as one of the best staffing agencies for companies and job candidates to call when they are in need.

As much as it does feel great to win the award and make it on the list again, the primary reason we participate in this survey every year is to measure satisfaction with two of our largest stakeholder groups – our clients and candidates. As a B Corporation, we are continually striving to live out our corporate purpose to “Build authentic connections around meaningful work”. We want to create benefit for both groups, and to do that we need to provide them with excellent service. We need to ensure we are always matching great candidates with great jobs, so that both our clients and our candidates win.

The Best of Staffing list utilizes the Net Promoter® methodology (NPS) to measure satisfaction and the 2014 winners achieved satisfaction scores more than double the industry average. However, the bar isn’t set that high by the industry. The average Staffing Industry NPS for clients dropped this year from 16% to a record low of 8%, while the NPS for Talent rose just slightly from 30% in 2013 to 33% this year. These low scores for satisfaction reflect the mentality of many staffing agencies who try to fill roles as quickly as possible, without taking into the account if it’s a right fit or not.


Client Average

Talent SatisfactionBeing on the list, isn’t a reason for us to sit back. We want to be continually improving our scores year over year and provide both our clients and candidates with an incredible experience. We’ve recently taken steps to improve our applicant experience, by trying to find a way to create value and begin a relationship with every single person who reaches out to us. We’ve also created monthly Engineering and IT newsletters to keep our clients and candidates up to date with the latest industry employment news, trends and advice with more to come in the next month.

What are some of your suggestions on how we can further improve our client and candidate experience and stay on this list for years to come?


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