Bizarre Interview Questions: Decoded

Earlier this week we asked our friends on Twitter to submit their bizarre interview questions for a chance to win Leaf tickets. The weird and wacky questions rolled in. Some, I’m sure were asked in interview scenarios others I’d question. Either way, these questions sparked my curiosity.

Why would a potential employer care what kind of animal I would choose to be or, ask me to talk about a horrible boss I’ve had? I asked our recruiters and account managers for their insights. They assured me that odds are no one in the interview room is crazy (good thing, cause I was wondering…). More intriguing is that they said, how we answer these types of questions often reveals more about ourselves than we may realize. Here’s what they had to say:Horrible Bosses Movie Poster

“Tell me about a horrible boss you’ve had?”

They’re looking for: How you interact with people (especially those in authoritative positions), and how you take direction.
Reveals: How you like to be managed and what management style you respond to best.

“On a scale of 1 to 10 how scrappy are you?”

They’re looking for: Your resilience, how you handle conflict, and how resourceful you are in solving problems.
Reveals:  Fit within a company’s culture style and attitude

“If you pioneered a colony to Mars which three people would you take with you?”

They’re looking for: A logical thought process, your ability to prioritize, and your ability to look at the big picture.
Reveals: Team building, strategic thinking and collaboration skills

“How many clocks do you have in your house?”

They’re looking for: Your sense of urgency and responsibility.
Reveals: Time management/sense of urgencyWalking Dead Cast

So next time you’re asked “What is your weapon of choice for a zombie apocalypse?” take a moment to think about what a pocket full of ninja stars may say about you…
Oh, and btw, we hope @EliseRGood has an awesome time watching the Leaf game this Saturday from her platinum seats. Hopefully, she’s tossed the salsa from her fridge!

Thank you to the following people for their expert insight.

Geoff Forse Geoff Forse Recruitment Manager IMIT
Lisa Powell Lisa Powell Recruitment Consultant IML
Martha Doran Martha Doran Search Consultant The 500