Looking for Meaningful Work? Consider These 7 IT Careers

Information technology is an in-demand and exciting field. There are plenty of career opportunities, and you may not know where to start. Lists of in-demand IT jobs can help you discover jobs that could suit your interests. To get started, check out these seven meaningful IT careers. 1. Software Developer Software developers are the people responsible for creating […]

What IT Hiring Managers Should Consider When Hiring Developers

Do you need to hire some new developers? It’s important to choose the right candidates, but this is often easier said than done. IT hiring managers may feel like they need a guide for hiring IT professionals with confidence. Here are some factors IT hiring managers should consider when hiring developers. Hard Skills When you’re hiring […]

CIOs: How to Use Big Data to Recruit

Are IT hiring issues keeping you up at night? This is a common problem for CIOs. IT professionals are in high demand, and CIOs need to fight for top talent. Top talent is hard to come by, and six in 10 CIOs worry skills shortages will halt their companies from keeping up with change. Since it’s so […]

Why your current resume isn’t going to get you hired (but this one will!)

As a technical recruiter, I see about 20-30 resumés per week. Usually I scan them for 10-15 seconds, look for the important qualifications and relevant projects, and then decide to archive it or forward it to a current job opportunity.

Are Engineering Jobs in Demand?

If you’re interested in an engineering career, you may be wondering if engineering jobs are in demand. You’ll be happy to hear the answer is yes. People who choose to pursue careers in engineering can look forward to good job prospects. Some types of engineering jobs offer more opportunities in the current climate, so you may want […]

Have You Considered These 6 Careers in Engineering?

Engineering is an in-demand and lucrative field. Careers in engineering are well-represented in Canadian Business’s top 100 jobs list, so you can’t go wrong in this field. As an engineer, you may be overwhelmed by all the great careers available to you. Learning more about your options can help you decide what careers in engineering are […]

Why Some Industries Rely So Heavily on Contract Staff

In some industries, like tech or engineering, businesses rely heavily on contract staff. Contractors are brought on quickly and then let go when the business’s needs change. For human resource professionals, this type of hiring brings new challenges. In other industries, HR managers need to find the right employees for the job. In industries that […]

The Most In-Demand Engineering Jobs in Canada

If you’re an engineer, your career prospects are probably pretty enviable. Many industries already need your knowledge, and salaries start relatively high. However, demand for your skills is only set to increase in the next few years as older professionals age out of their positions. Overall, the future looks rosy for you and your peers. […]