Can I Really Advance My Career by Working With A Recruiter?

Climbing the corporate ladder can feel intimidating and even impossible at times. The job market is competitive and knowing which steps are the right ones can be difficult. Recruiters are a great solution to this problem; their expertise and advice can help you advance your career and clarify aspects of job seeking you may be struggling with. Here are some of the ways working with a recruiter can benefit you:


Recruiters make it their job to know the ins and outs of any industries they’re working with. Recruiters are up to date with all the latest hiring metrics, employment and industry trends, and important information that can have an impact on your career. This means that recruiters have a ton of specialized knowledge that can be invaluable as you look for a job. When working with a recruiter, that body of specialized knowledge is made available to you.

Solid Relationships

Recruiters have also been working within the same industries for years, meaning that they have established firm, lasting relationships with many of the employers you may be looking to find a job with. Because of the relationships and communities that recruiters have fostered over long periods of time, they often have more sway with companies who trust them to only deliver the most ideal candidates.

Helpful Guidance

Finding the right job openings is only half the battle when it comes to looking for your next career move. It’s also imperative to have a great resume, cover letter, and interview presence. These things are much trickier than people often give them credit for. Employers are looking through a lot of applications, so they’re looking for something that will stand out.

Recruiters understand exactly what prospective employers are looking for, they can help you tailor your resume and cover letter, and can help coach you for when you’ve landed an interview.

Interview Feedback

One of the most helpful aspects of working with a recruiter is the feedback you’ll get after you’ve gone through an interview. Because of the volume of people applying, most places you apply to won’t be able to give you feedback on your interview, but when you work a recruiter, part of the agreement is that the recruiter will receive information on how they feel you performed. This information can be invaluable for improvement, and something that’s difficult to find elsewhere.

Salary Negotiations

Negotiating salary is one of the most intimidating parts of a new job, but also an integral part of a successful career trajectory. You want the best salary possible, but you also don’t want to alienate your new employers. Recruiters handle the entire salary negotiation process for you, and they’re actually much more likely to have success. Most recruiters get a commission of your salary from your employer, meaning that the more you make, the more they make as well. This provides an incentive for recruiters to get you the very best salary agreement.

Career Direction

If you’re looking to land a specific job but aren’t sure about your qualifications, recruiters can be excellent resources for helping you situate yourself within the market and understand where you stand. Recruiters will be able to tell you if you need additional training or certification in order to get yourself on the next step of the ladder.

Industry Standing

While recruiters can point you in the direction of additional qualifications, they can also clarify your current standing within the job market. Many candidates undersell themselves when applying for jobs, when in fact, their experience and qualifications mean they could be applying for more senior positions and receiving higher pay. Recruiters can help you determine exactly how you should be positioning yourself in the market.

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