19-015 – WWMF Operations Waste Planner

Tiverton, Ontario
Job ID:
Sagar Chatterjee

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: WWMF Operations Waste Planner
Resume Due Date: July 10th (5:00PM EST)  
Number of Vacancies: 1
Duration: 6 months
Location: Bruce Site, B15 BNPD Waste Volume Reduction Facility

Job Overview

  1. Provide technical expertise, analysis, assessment, and preparation for nuclear strategic and business planning and programming in assigned areas of responsibilities.
  2. The position is responsible for executing risk assessments as required to provide the Manager with the means to identify, assess, and monitor risks to our Waste Program.
  3. Provide technical assistance and guidance in the development of business and work program policies, procedures, processes, and initiatives for the Business Unit.
  4. The position is responsible for providing support in developing and challenging business cases to support investment and technical decisions
  5. Provide appropriate support on Nuclear communications and liaison with relevant parties both internal and external to Nuclear and OPG.
  6. Accountable developing an integrated waste plan for the Western Waste Management Facility.  It will involved developing/updating and integrating a low level waste plan, trench plan, large metal object plan and a waste minimization and segregation plan.


  1. Requires broad experience to be familiar with the overall operation of nuclear site facilities involved and nuclear waste specific facilities requirements. Requires extensive experience in Canadian and international nuclear waste processing and storage technologies. Requires experience in tools and business strategies to plan and provide the program required by Operations. Requires experience to ensure that the facilities and processes comply with best practices and industry standards. 
  2. Requires a sound knowledge of scientific and engineering principles related to nuclear waste management theory and practice.  Requires a good knowledge of English to communicate effectively with others, both verbally and in written format in support of the work function.
  3. This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the completion of 4 years of University training (Grade XII plus 5 years) in Business, Science or Urban Planning.