19-041 – Operations Specialist

Tiverton, Ontario
Job ID:
Sagar Chatterjee

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Operations Specialist
Resume Due Date:  Friday, May 17, 2019 (5:00PM EST)
Number of Vacancies: 1
Duration: 14 months, proposed end date August 7, 2020
Location: Tiverton, ON.
Project Title:  Waste Acceptance Coordinator Coverage

Job Overview

Be accountable to Manager as the single point of contact for Waste Acceptance Coordination activities within NWM.  Monitor performance in terms of progress and schedule, and discuss concerns regarding non-compliance, lack of consistence, best practices, etc., with Manager and pertinent stakeholders. Generate regular status reports.

Using operating experience and the knowledge of industry best practices, identify, analyze, and prioritize deficiencies. Monitor the effectiveness and currency of divisional procedures, standards, practices, forms, manuals, support documentation, etc. Recommend changes, prepare justifications, and prepare new or revised documents, as required. Carry out plant tours on a routine basis to assess procedures and standards are being followed, identifying non-compliance to same, implementing “on-the-spot” correction and initiating a Station Condition Record (SCR) as necessary.

Advise line management on long term performance management issues. Provide support and advice in terms of managing issues, which negatively impact on the capability and productivity. Consult with technical resources, and provide guidance to influence first line managers to accept same, thereby ensuring consistency of approach. Interface with various work groups to identify and trouble-shoot potential problems. Effectively contribute to the resolution of problems which, if not rectified, could result in liabilities to the performance and progress of the work; the planning of preventative maintenance measures; and, the development of business process improvements

Facilitate communications within NWM organization, such as related to business plans, training, and performance measures, to enable managers to communicate events and processes effectively.  Ensure information is passed on in a clear and timely manner

Act as a team leader or participant for various operations work programs related to Human Performance, Improvement Plans, Corrective Actions, Audit Support etc.  

  1. lead others on special teams including but not limited to Waste Minimization etc.
  2. co-ordinate the various aspects with other contributing groups;
  3. give guidance, instruction, and direction;
  4. report on site storage status;
  5. maintain quality, quantity and accuracy of work;
  6. identify training and development needs of staff as it relates to waste Operations;
  7. subject to approvals and guidelines provided by Manager, assist with the roll out of new material, equipment, and programs.

Maintain a working knowledge of applicable systems and programs and provide communications to all work groups in a consistent fashion. Provide technical assistance, interpretation and guidance, and attempt to ensure understanding and compliance to designated policies, plans and procedures  Keeps abreast of advances in operational practices, technology, or equipment applications

Promote and lead by good example, a conscientious work ethic with respect to safety performance and productivity

Provide input to short- and long-term planning initiatives, drawing on technical expertise and operational experience. Participate in the development, review and administration of the Self-Assessment program and Corrective Action program, analyzing and reporting on results.

Able to understand and work within a highly regulated and licensed industry.  Understanding legal documentation and requirements.

Must be able to operate as an individual contributor, requires self motivation


  1. Requires a knowledge of mathematics to perform practical calculations..  Requires a knowledge of English, both written and oral, to document maintenance procedures, experiences, and practices in a clear, concise manner, prepare reports, and to facilitate effective communications with others
  2. Requires an understanding of data entry, interpretation and analysis.
  3. An understanding of Low and Intermediate Level Waste Storage Operations would be an asset.