19-046 – Project Field Lead 1

Darlington, Ontario
Job ID:
Sagar Chatterjee

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Project Field Lead 1
Resume Due Date: Wednesday Oct 16  (5:00PM EST)
Number of Vacancies: 1
Duration: 3 years
Location: Refurbishment Project Office (RPO), Darlington

Required Qualifications/Experience:

  • OPG Assessing.
  • Level 2 verifier.

Preferred Qualifications/Experience:

  • Worked in the nuclear industry in construction, operations or maintenance.
  • Construction supervision and/or construction contracts coordination.
  • Familiarity with OPG nuclear processes and systems including AS7, work plans and permits.
  • Ability to review and understand P6 schedules, flowsheets, specifications and drawings.
  • Has or can obtain nuclear security clearance.


  1. Assessing: Perform Assessing as required to support preventive maintenance projects
  2. Field Verification: Perform Level 2 Verification of completed tasks in the field as required to support projects under OPG C of A.
  3. Vendor Oversight: Oversee pre-job briefings. Ensure staff are conversant with all procedures, safety and work aspects, expected cost objectives, production targets, availability of equipment and tools, starting and completion dates. Ensure that work performed by vendor partners meet drawing, specification and procedural requirements, and is carried out safely.
  4. Coordinate Resources: Ensure schedules, and assessments of all work required to complete assigned tasks in the proper sequence and highlight the involvement of internal OPG and external vendor resources. Coordinate internal and external resources in a multi-discipline setting, including planning, organizing, scheduling, estimating, checking work, costs, schedules and dates. Provide guidance and direction to vendor partners, and hold them accountable for the quality and quantity of work. Handle matters related to the interpretation of drawings and specifications, access to work areas, conflict with others, technical problems, personnel problems, and resources needed, on a day-to-day basis.
  5. Maintain Progress and Quality: Maintain job control, hours of work and an efficient operation through daily field inspection of job progress and quality of work, and through an awareness of production results, time required to complete the work, schedule dates and current costs. Accommodate any normal or unforeseen problems that arise, such as associated with material, drawing or resource shortages, barriers to work area access, technical problems or inclement weather. Investigate reasons and provide explanations/reports for Manager on variances.
  6. Planning: Attend planning, scheduling, costing and other meetings on matters dealing with assigned areas of accountability for the development of schedules and estimates with the planning and control function.  Monitor adherence to schedule and perform look ahead schedule reviews to anticipate potential issues
  7. Coordinate Activities: Cooperate closely with managers of other supporting work groups to minimize logistic conflicts and ensure that matters affecting the continuance of work on the other shifts are communicated to the proper levels of supervision. Work with engineering functions on design changes to accommodate field conditions, schedules and estimates. Coordinate the arrival and delivery to the field of materials with the site, with the site Materials function. Monitor daily, weekly and monthly schedule dates, costs and workload demands, layouts, lead time, resources, work to be done in shops, task assignments by shift, drawings and specifications, materials and access to work areas. Determine the best course of action to follow, and prepare input to plans based on the above considerations and on other aspects, such as an understanding of drawings, work methods and practices for all disciplines as they pertain to various stages of the assigned tasks.
  8. Communication: Keep Manager and project staff informed of all information required to facilitate job coordination, work plans, etc.  Communicate regularly with project staff relative to priorities such as safety and quality. Notify Manager where schedule dates may be delayed.  Complete daily and weekly project oversight reports.
  9. Maintain Awareness: Keep up-to-date on work methods and equipment that may be of benefit to the role, and the business in general, and discuss these with Manager and project staff for input.
  10. Perform other duties as required.