Computer Vision Researcher

Information Technology
Direct Hire
Markham, Ontario
Job ID:
Joanna Mamo

Computer Vision Researcher

Salary -$170,000 – $220,000
Location -Markham, Ontario
Reason for Vacancy – New role

Details & Responsibilities

  • The team’s focus is on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and related technology research and development. Areas of interest include transportation surveillance video analysis with Deep Learning (DL), traffic data analysis by AI, and traffic management and control by AI.
  • The candidate will design and develop state-of-the-art computer vision and deep learning algorithms for object detection/classification/tracking/segmentation, scene analysis, and localization. The objects include vehicles, scooters, cyclists, pedestrian and their relevant features.
  • Solving complex real-world challenges in creative, effective and efficient ways that lead to real world implementation. The challenges can be from crowded scenes, occlusion, low luminance (low light), strong light, and adverse weather conditions including rain, snow and fog.
  • The candidate will help reconstruct a comprehensive view of detection zones such as an intersection by 3D and video stitching technology. 
  • Communicating and coordinating with relevant team (the China ITS engineering team and the ITS research team at the University of Toronto) during all phases of technology development and technology deployment.
  • Developing robust software and comprehensive testing protocol for all projects
  • Planning and managing time, tasks, milestones and resources to meet project objectives.
  • Solving unique problems and work on self-directed projects.


  • Excellent hands on experience in: deep learning, convolutional neural networks, graph convolution networks, reinforcement learning and deep reinforcement learning is essential
  • Ability to design and fine-tune AI algorithms for computer vision
  • 5+ years’ industry software development experience.
  • Strong software program and debugging skills in C/C++, Java or Python. Deep knowledge of concurrent system development with multi-thread or multi-process.
  • Hands on experience with the application of computer vision analysis and AI in the field is required.
  • Hands on development experience of minimum one (two preferred) AI open-source frameworks: Tensorflow, Pytorch (Caffe2), Caffe and Theano.
  • Hands on development experience in Computer Vision open-source frameworks like OpenCV, FFmpeg,
  • Hands on development experience in Linux OS based software. Expertise with Shell, Makefile, docker
  • The candidate is required to have MS/PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or equivalent with a focus on Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
  • Deep expertise in one or more areas of Computer Vision, Deep Learning, 3D-Reconstruct, Video Stitching and Image Signal Processing.
  • Strong experience with software development.  Experience in ITS related video analysis by AI is a Plus.