19-054 – Project Lead – Systems/Tech/Application Analyst

Pickering, Ontario
Job ID:
Jyothi Durugu

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Project Lead – Systems/Tech/Application Analyst
Resume Due Date:  Tuesday, June 18th (5:00PM EST)  
Number of Vacancies: 2
Duration: 3 years
?Location: 889 Brock Road, Pickering ON

Job Overview

  1. Develop visual interfaces that combine multiple online data sources into a single interface in order to gain efficiencies
  2. Develop and maintain Power BI based metrics from multiple data sources based on needs of Fleet Operations Organization
  3. Act as single point of contact for, design, develop and implement improvements to existing Access based tracking database
  4. Supervise/provide job direction to team of developers to support existing reports and projects:
  1. Staffing reports
  2. Flight deck (work protection live stream)
  3. Management Review Board electronic data base
  4. Work Protection Metrics
  5. Required Reading
  6. Nuclear Operators in Training completion rates
  7. Nuclear Operator completion rates


  1. Database creation and maintenance (proficiency in Access, Excel, SQL)
  2. Visual Basic, Power BI
  3. Familiarity with data structures and design of Equipment Status Monitoring program, Training Information Management System and Asset Suite (OPG proprietary program) would be an asset
  4. Good Oral and Written skills
  5. Previous experience supervising a team of developers would be an asset
  6. Self Starter
  7. Preference will be given to applicants with a Bachelor of Computer Science/specialty or major in application development