19-060 – Work Control Team Leader

Darlington, Ontario
Job ID:
Arpitha Sumukharya

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Work Control Team Leader
Resume Due Date:  Tuesday, June 25th (5:00PM EST)
Number of Vacancies: 1
Duration: 2 years
Location: Darlington
Project Title:  Work Management Project Oversight

Job Overview

  1. Act as a designated single point of contact for the projects which need to be integrated with the station daily and outage activities.
  2. Coordinate and maintain status on all preparatory and on-going requirements of the work plan / schedule for project-related work.
  3. Provide oversight and direct the resolution of all inter-group / inter-department coordination issues in support of effective integration of projects (including Darlington Refurbishment) with the station On-line and Outage schedules.


Education: Requires a knowledge of control, mechanical and civil technology, including sciences subject fundamentals to understand the application to processes and systems, and effectively plan, coordinate and exercise judgement to determine priorities and ensure resources to facilitate scheduling of work activities for the assigned projects.

Requires a good knowledge of English, both oral and written, to carry out effective communication with others.

This knowledge is normally acquired through completion of Grade XII plus three years further concentrated study in an appropriate discipline or by having the equivalent level of education.

Experience: Requires practical experience associated with a multi-unit nuclear facility to become thoroughly familiar with systems, equipment, components and processes related to the maintenance and production of energy. Requires in-depth station experience to effectively manage, direct and coordinate work management processes, and be thoroughly familiar with work groups and interrelationships between same. Requires experience to exercise sound project management and communication skills to meet targets. Requires experience in a team role to manage and control on-line and outage maintenance and system activities. A period of over 10 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.