System Software Specialist

Information Technology
St-Laurent, Quebec
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Pooja Pradhan

Aircraft System Software Specialist


Are you interested in being a part of a large flight systems specialist team? The group of 450 aircraft enthusiasts are divided into 3 project groups one dedicated to civil aviation, one of them focused on simulators for commercial aircraft and regional and business carriers and the third group is concentrated on military aircraft, which includes helicopters.  

These teams all have: 

  • In-depth technical knowledge to develop hyper realistic and real time simulation models for a broad range of systems such as the autopilot, pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic, communication systems, etc.  The idea is to replicate disaster scenarios in a controlled environment to prevent real life tragedies.
  • Knowledge of all that goes on in a "cockpit" that rivals aircraft manufacturers.
  • International customers with specific needs and technical challenges.
  • Our company is the world's leading supplier of civil flight simulators. We have simulated almost every modern airliner for both major and regional carriers, as well as many of today's business jets and helicopters. We have developed more simulators for the newest aircraft platforms than any other company.

What are we looking for?

  • Engineers or developers who are eager to learn
  • Experienced aircraft systems engineers who want to challenge their expertise
  • Dual personality: a creative engineer and an ambitious programmer
  • Ability to lead projects from A to Z, customer relations, rigor, C/C++… are part of your DNA

Your qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in electrical, computer, software, mechanical, automated production or physics engineering.
  • Mastery of C / C ++, essential
  • Knowledge of another object-oriented programming language, an asset. 
  • Bilingual (French and English) is an asset.
  • Available to travel and some schedule flexibility