19-106 – Work Control Team Leader

Coutice, Ontario
Job ID:
Sagar Chatterjee

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Work Control Team Leader
Resume Due Date:  Thursday, October 17th (5:00PM EST)
Number of Vacancies: 1
Duration: 2 years
Location:  Darlington, Darlington Energy Complex (DEC)
Project Title:  Darlington Refurbishment Project

Job Overview

The Integration WCTL:

  1. Maintains attendance at Integrated Project Groups (IPG) daily status meetings to ensure that the Station is aware of Refurb safety and human performance issues, schedule status and other key activities.
  2. Ensures that any Refurb work outside of Refurb Units and any DNGS work inside of Refurb Units is reviewed, challenged, and managed accordingly.
  3. Ensures station resources (splits) provided as per NK38-PLAN-09701-10276 are maintained and support DNR work.  In cases where resources were not previously provided, are secured to support DNR work.  In case where DNR work is not picked and/or carried over as per WW agreement, ensure DNR Outage SM notified and escalate as required.
  4. Assists in coordination activities between Refurb and Station and ensure this work is reflected on the Refurb and Station Plan of the Week (POW) accurately.
  5. Manage and communicate conflicts between Refurb and Station.
  6. Assists the Refurb Work Control/Refurb Projects in getting emergent work injected/scoped onto the plan via T-02 or Addendum.
  7. Ensures Refurb Unit preventive maintenance (PM) for the execution work week are either executed or deferred prior to the late date.

The Integration WCTL attends all pertinent Online Planning (T-Week) meetings and follows the Online Work Schedule process (N-PROC-MA-0022) to ensure alignment between DNGS and DNR activities and to identify emergent conflicts. The following T-meetings are attended by Integration WCTL:

  1. T-19 Scope Commitment Meeting
  2. T-15 Cope Rationalization Meeting
  3. T-08 Scope Freeze Meeting
  4. T-02 Meeting
  5. T-01 POW review with Shift Manager
  6. T-0 Meeting

In addition, the Integration WCTL also attends the following DNR T-meetings:

  1. T-2 and T-0 Carryover meeting
  2. T-4 Readiness meeting


  1. Experience Running Outages
  2. Refurbishment Milestones and governance knowledge an asset
  3. Leadership qualities an asset