19-109 – Project Leader

Power Generation
Niagara, Ontario
Job ID:
Sagar Chatterjee

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Project Leader

Resume Due Date:  Thursday, October 24th (5:00PM EST)                                           

Number of Vacancies: 1

Duration: 12 months

Location:  Niagara on the Lake, 14000 Niagara Parkway

Project Title:  SAB1 Station Service Upgrade, Hydro 1 BK Switchyard Reconfig, South Falls Transfer Trip

Job Overview

1.Undertake the organizing, coordinating and controlling of all stages of project management in accordance with Project Management governance for assigned projects or project packages from participation in development and approval to safe execution to final acceptance, or its transfer to a dedicated project unit, as circumstances dictate.

2. Provide input into the preparation of project background information, contribute to scope and constructability reviews, assist in the preparation of Business Case Submissions to senior management, the Executive Office and the Board of Directors, for project approval and the release of funds. Prepare and coordinate the preparation of all information pertinent to an assigned project and alternatives to be considered for input into planning.

3. Review, provide input into, and accept project charters for assigned projects. Initiate and coordinate estimates, schedules, execution plans 1and contract performance specifications. Develop structures for estimating and controlling project funds. Gather input from stakeholder departments and agencies to ensure project requirements are captured and detailed in the estimate and execution plans. Arrange for application to, and negotiate with internal and external agencies for all necessary approvals, licenses, permits or clearances required. Ensure proper process is followed when defining labour requirements and arranging for labour resources. Coordinate the clarification of design and specification requirements, and arrange for necessary changes. Co-ordinate and participate in the preparation of specifications, bid packages, evaluation of tenders, and purchasing recommendations.

4. Arrange and lead meetings to coordinate the requirements of, and progress by designers, suppliers, construction and operations before and after contract award. Maintain close liaison with field construction forces and operations on matters involving design, schedules, costing, and other related issues. Provide immediate and higher management with regular project or work package reports. Monitor, evaluate and report on cost and schedule, and manage changes. Review cost variance reports, provide explanations and recommendations for disposition of variances, and take corrective actions when required. Evaluate project plans at every stage for project risk and develop mitigation plans. Execute other project management functions as required by corporate policies and procedures.

5. Perform all aspects of the Contract Administrator role as defined by Contractor Management governance and as assigned. Act as the Constructor’s Supervisor as defined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, or Contract Monitor as required. Manage contractors according to Contractor Management governance, providing oversight and verification. Review and approve as required contractor submissions, schedules, work methods and quality procedures. Ensure contractor is prepared to work safely by applying Contractor Management governance and following the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Corporate Safety Rules, the Contractor Safety Manual, and other applicable guidelines. Recommend to Supervisor the assignment of additional resources as required. If contract administration or contract monitoring activities are undertaken by others in the project team, work closely with the team to ensure all project and contract requirements are communicated, and roles are clearly defined and properly understood.

6. Maintain communication with internal and external stakeholders, regulatory bodies and agencies, and cooperate in exchange of relevant information as required to meet the project objectives. Arrange and chair meetings involving appropriate stakeholders with a given project. Guide and direct discussions involving internal staff, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and the like, in an effort to efficiently and effectively meet project objectives. Coordinate the preparation of project turnover documentation and ensure completeness. Document and address outstanding project deficiencies



Requires experience in project management, specifically, experience in developing project requirements and plans, preparing cost estimates, participating in contract bidding and award processes, managing projects in execution phase, and managing project closeout.  Requires experience in managing conflicting priorities of scope, schedule, cost and quality.  Requires familiarity with equipment and processes in generating station or similar heavy industry.  Requires experience to solve problems and provide guidance.  Requires knowledge of cost accounting and forecasting as it relates to project management. Requires knowledge of commercial contracting methods, contract management, construction methods, codes and standards, quality assurance and health and safety.  Requires strong organizational skills.  Requires experience and ability as a team player to understand and manage the interrelationships of various internal and external groups in order to facilitate objectives and ensure projects satisfy stakeholder requirements.  Requires experience and knowledge related to environmental protection and associated concerns.  Requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills.  Experience in managing projects of increasing complexity is considered a necessary requirement. Project complexity would normally be defined by multiple-contract, multiple stakeholder projects with schedule constraints.

A period of over 6 years and up to and including 8 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.


Requires a knowledge of project management principles, specifically the 5 primary project phases

(Identification, Initiation, Definition, Execution, Closeout). Requires a knowledge of economics and business principles to provide project cost estimates and forecasts. Requires a knowledge of physics, engineering principles, mathematics and chemistry as related to industrial and power generation equipment.