19-111 – Work Control Team Leader

Darlington, Ontario
Job ID:
Sagar Chatterjee

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Work Control Team Leader
Resume Due Date:  Tuesday, November 5th (5:00PM EST)
Number of Vacancies: 1
Level:  MP4
Duration: 26 weeks
Location:  Darlington Nuclear, OSB 2nd Floor.
Project Title:  Work Management (WM) staff development to increase proficiency

Job Overview

  1. This job is required to facilitate knowledge transfer in order to optimize performance of Planning & Cost Control Technicians (P&CCTs) and (Work Control Team Leaders (WCTLs) in the WM department with regards to the use of the current IT infrastructure of Station Work Management System (SWMS) tools and applications, in both Outage and Work Control organizations.
  2. The project will involve preparation and delivery of training packages to enable cross-training of staff, as well as one-on-one mentoring as deemed required to increase proficiency of each organization. Desktop guides will be developed or updated to ensure the knowledge can be easily transferred as the current experienced staff retires in the near future.
  3. Opportunities for automation and / or application of artificial intelligence to simplify the current process will be assessed and a documented proposal / justification prepared for consideration/approval by management.


  1. Extensive experience in outage/on-line work management, with understanding of supporting systems and IT infrastructure incl.
  2. P6 scheduling software is critical in order to identify areas for improvement for P&CCT and WCTL staff along with the opportunity to simplify / automate the processes where possible.