19-116 – Waste SPOC FLM – Maintenance

Darlington, Ontario
Job ID:
Sagar Chatterjee

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position:  Waste SPOC FLM – Maintenance
Resume Due Date:  Tuesday, November 12th (5:00PM EST)    
Number of Vacancies: 1
Duration: 1 year
Location:  Darlington

Job Overview

  1. Providing technical support to the Refurbishment Project for the Conventional Waste and the Radioactive Waste Handling on any waste collection, handling, packaging and processing issues.
  2. Coordinating implementation of any washable product that would reduce radioactive waste

A. Washable Mops (RWPB)

B. Washable Hood

  1. Coordinating installation of equipment to support Refurbishment Waste Handling
  2. Establishing Refurbishment Radioactive Waste Targets
  3. Establish on a yearly basis a 5 year projection for waste produced
  4. Refurbishment Process Logistics Evaluating process control
  5. Refurbishment Procedure Review – Review any changes to the governing document for solid radioactive waste and Conventional waste. This includes all regulatory compliance issues
  6. Service Maintenance Procedure review and revisions
  7. Equipment Assessment/Repair and replacement of Refurbishment waste Handling Equipment
  8. Determine and Implementation Refurbishment Waste Reduction Processes
  9. Refurbishment staff awareness and education/training of Waste Minimization
  10. Preparing if required waste topic presentations for Refurbishment line management
  11. Completing SCR Action Requests and Corrective Action Plans
  12. Coordinating to implement any waste minimization initiatives
  13. Review waste governance; updating and incorporating revisions into procedures as required
  14. Creation/completion of Action Requests relating to waste (audits, CAP’s, routine annual deliverables)
  15. Correspond and interface with provincial and federal Regulators (MECP, CNSC)
  16. Help to coordinate surplus material sales b/t Station staff and the Investment Recovery work group, including the generation of Declaration of Surplus forms.
  17. Complete waste reviews of Environmental Impact worksheets associated with projects, workplans.


  1. Previous experience with Waste Management