Reliability Planner

Long Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador
Job ID:
Samantha Fallis

The Contracting Party shall provide the Reliability Planning services as required for assigned planning projects at our client’s Long Harbour Operations. The primary goal of the Reliability Planning services is to work alongside the Reliability Engineers to create and continuously improve maintenance strategies and reliability through the adoption of world class reliability principles, tools and systems. This position will also closely interface with other internal groups to ensure that maintenance strategies are optimized without impact to safety, the environment or the community and to reduce maintenance costs.

Utilizing the companies policies, processes and procedures, these services include but are not limited to:

  • Utilize the outputs of the Risk Based Inspection (RBI) project to develop Preventative and Predictive Maintenance (PMs/PdMs) Strategies for tanks, vessels, and heat exchangers within the CMMS (SAP).
  • Update PM/PdM strategies in SAP (including Isolations, blinding, confined space, scaffolding, cleaning, QC inspection, deblending, etc.) for mechanical, instrumentation, and electrical equipment.
  • Utilize the Hierarchy / Functional Location within SAP to develop synergies between equipment PMs/PdMs.
  • Ensure Registered Vessel PMs/PdMs meet or exceed regulator requires.
  • Use the outputs of reliability tools (such as RCM, RCA, FMEA, and A3) to develop PMs/PdMs.  
  • Assist with maintenance Zone implementation.
  • Support Production Engineering team to populate the 365 day schedule to ensure all major maintenance activities are on the long term schedule. This shall allow production to schedule tank/vessel inspections according to production schedules to ensure they are maintained properly and inspected when required (significantly reducing the number of future overdue PMs/PdMs).
  • Interface with Maintenance Planning personnel and Planning & Scheduling Superintendent to ensure that planning procedures, policies, and configurations for maintenance strategies are followed.
  • Ensure that all work is completed through established Request Management of Change (RFA) policies and procedures.
  • Work within SAP to develop detailed maintenance plans. Previous experience in developing Maintenance plans and strategies within SAP is required.

The Contracting Party is required to provide an effective means to assist and supplement Our client’s Reliability Engineering department by supplying support Planning.

Extensive knowledge and experience in the following disciplines is required, but not limited to:

  • Industrial Mechanical Equipment (including Tanks and Vessels)
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial Electrical Equipment.

Standard Reliability Planning deliverables required for the delivery of projects to the Reliability Department may include, but not limited to:

  • Development of detailed Maintenance plans/strategies
  • Input of strategies into CMMS (SAP)
  • Other, as directed by Our client

Contract Instruction/Proposal Information

The Reliability Planner Service Provider shall provide a Contract Instruction proposal that will be Project specific for each scope of work. The proposal shall include:

  • Summary of the scope of services
  • Outline of proposed methodology to complete the work
  • Names and locations of key personnel
  • A detailed list of deliverables to be completed with key schedule milestones
  • Table breaking down deliverables, schedule and costs.

The Reliability Planning Service Provider shall provide mobilization forms for all staff. The mobilization form will contain a list of key individuals who will carry out the work, as well as CV’s detailing qualifications and relevant experience. Position experience must align with rate table descriptions.

Project Reporting Requirements

Monthly reports are required to be submitted to Our client and include the following requirements:

  • Job title
  • Date
  • Location
  • Work actual % complete
  • Budget: approved maximum upset limit or fixed and firm lump sum, used to date, and forecast to complete.
  • Schedule: Start date, approved completion date, and forecast to complete
  • Progress this month and Plan for next month
  • Issues/Changes

Time sheets are to be submitted on a weekly basis for all mobilized staff billing time to approved projects. Time sheets are to be broken down by hours per active project and summarized on table for approval.  Table to include:

  • Location
  •  Project Title
  • Names of individuals charging time to the project
  • Amount of time charged to the project
  • Total time charged to the project

Upon completion of the project, our client will require a close out form to be signed by Contractor and The Reliability Engineering Superintendent.

Safety and Other Instructions

Our client has specific safety requirements for personnel working on site. Among other requirements, to do work at site, each employee of the Reliability Contractor requires site specific indoctrination. They must sign in when entering and leaving the plant and comply with   requirements for personal protective equipment, passes and permits.