20-075- Field Shift Operating Supervisor

Job ID:

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Field Shift Operating Supervisor – In Station Training Group

Resume Due Date: Thursday October 15, 2020 (5:00PM EST)

Number of Vacancies: 1

Duration: 15 months

Location: Pickering


Job Overview

  • Program, schedule, and report on each unit’s operator training field activities in accordance with the plans covering training, so as to maximize production and minimize outage time without compromising worker safety, public safety or environmental protection.
  • Interface with Integrated Planning groups on the progress of planned work and initiate corrective actions to keep work on schedule.
  • Advise in the solution of work problems, and coordinate work with other groups.
  • Prepare long-term objectives and programs for Training to maintain or improve the level of performance in key areas such as human errors, personnel safety, radiation exposure, conventional safety, as well as, productivity, and staffing development.
  • Carry out due diligence in the reading of controlled documentation to keep up to date with new and current policies and procedures in order to align workforce with work programs, thereby ensuring safe production.
  • Maintain surveillance of all systems training and equipment training in the field for reliability and detection of faults, and initiate corrective action to preserve efficient operation of the department/facility in accordance with approved procedures.
  • Assist the Training Manager in identifying current and emerging operability concerns on systems, equipment and facilities.
  • Assist in determining malfunctions by observing operations based on the results of routine tests.
  • Participate in the investigation of malfunctions, and direct the required action(s) as per approved procedures.
  • Arrange for the isolation and de-energization of the training equipment and the provision of work protection with the authority of Manager. 
  • Maintain stewardship of assigned training tools, work equipment and facilities. Ensure that the material condition for assigned training equipment and areas are maintained to standards, and improvements are identified and actions are initiated. Ensure that housekeeping standards are met for assigned training equipment and areas.
  • Participate in the training of department personnel. Receive, through Manager, requests from nuclear training personnel for services of same.
  • Assist with operators’ training lessons as required, to check validity and completeness with respect to current trends and changing conditions.
  • Provide or contribute to classroom dissertations, as requested, on subjects pertinent to field operations, and the preparation of equipment for maintenance.
  • Oversee or participate in tests on new replacement equipment or modifications to existing equipment and/or system(s) as assigned by Manager.



  • Requires a basic knowledge in science fundamentals (mathematics, mechanics, chemistry, heat and thermodynamics, electricity, nuclear theory and materials) and the application principles of such subjects with regards to the operation of the department systems and equipment, and the provision of technical advice and solution of problems, at a sufficient level to facilitate the efficient operation of the nuclear training facility/department. 
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills are required.
  • Experience in the operation of a nuclear generating station is required, to have gained a sound understanding and familiarization with the systems, components and processes involved in the production of electricity, including the associated routines, regulations, procedures, controlled documentation, etc., particularly with regards to safety and efficiency of operations. 
  • Requires appropriate experience to have obtained the necessary or special qualifications authorized by regulatory agencies to understand and identify training and developmental opportunities necessary for the ongoing operation of the training unit complement.