Devops Engineer

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Ottawa, ON
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Job Title: DEVOPS Engineer

Duration : 6 months

Location : Ottawa, ON

The DEVOPS Engineer is a multi-disciplinary role.   The engineer engages in both Engineering and Operations activities and delivers the final application to production. Exceptional knowledge of automation practices and software development skills are required so that operations can deploy and support our solutions with the highest quality.

 Job Responsibilities

  • Support all application infrastructure to ensure our PaaS/IaaS platform is optimized for performance and reliability.
  • Socialize designs with team and integrate suggestions and changes as appropriate.
  • Implement code in a timely fashion and with high quality, consistent with standards for the group. 
  • Review other developers’ code as necessary.
  • Unit test software components to ensure module-level functionality and data structure consistency.
  • Provide documentation as appropriate including design documentation, comments in code and end-user documentation.
  • Consult with other technical team members and management on industry best practices.
  • Discuss and agree on the most innovative solutions applicable to our cloud services environment.
  • Maintain and enhance internal tools.
  • Provide input to improve scalability and reliability of infrastructure to our Automation Architects
  • Deploy and assist with maintenance of automation technologies.
  • Provide Level 2/3 Support to our Operations team for all automation technologies.
  • Document all build and run procedures when implementing new automation technologies.

Skills:Must Haves:

  • 5+ Years of Experience with supporting and deploying cloud based applications.
  • Bash and Python software development experience in delivering world class products at large enterprises is a MUST
  • Java and GO software understanding 
  • Experience utilizing Linux systems.

Required/Preferred Skills

  • An ideal candidate should have extensive experience and knowledge in the following areas:
  • Local candidate preferred – Location : Ottawa
  • Application
  • Experience in deploying and supporting web based applications.
  • Ability to think in a Cloud Services manner.
  • Experience with orchestration toolsets.
  • Operations
  • Understanding of operational concepts like change management, on call rotations, escalations, uptime, etc…
  • Experience in manageing production systems on a very large scale.
  • Experience working with virtualization: VMWare, HyperV, etc…
  • Experience working with DB’s: MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, Cassandra, etc…
  • Software Devlopment
  • Experience with cloud and server architecture
  • Experience with REST APIs, micorservices developement and deployment.
  • Experience with security-relevant protocols
  • OS
  • Deep understanding of one of the major OS families (Linux or Windows)
  • Security
  • Conscious of security concerns
  • Healthy fear of implementing an insecure solution
  • Automation
  • Experience with automation technologies (Ansible, Puppet, Chef…)
  • Experience with PaaS technologies (CloudFoundry, Openshift, etc…)
  • Experience with IaaS technologies (OpenStack, Azure Stack, etc…)
  • Public and Private Cloud
  • Experience with Public cloud hosting (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc..)
  • Experience with Private hosting (Private datacenters, Rackspace, etc…)
  • Interaction & Communication
  • Good social interaction with the immediate team as well as other teams
  • Ability to work in an extremely geographically distributed company
  • Excellent communication skills across multiple mediums.
  • Collaboration and project management tools: Jira, Confluence, etc…

Education:A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field or 5+ years of professional work experinece in a related field.