Safety Basis Analyst

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This consists of an Evaluation of the Safety of the Situation (ESS), and a Basis of Interim Operation (BIO)/ Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) document.

The scope of work is as follows:

Prepare an Evaluation of the Safety of the Situation (ESS) to address the discovery of unexpected tritium inventory found captured in molecular sieve material on dryer beds located in the basement of the D-Site facility. This discovery is a potential inadequacy of the existing safety analysis (PISA) of this facility. The ESS is to be prepared using DOE G 424.1-1B, 6/12/2013 (Implementation Guide for Use in Addressing Unreviewed Safety Question Requirements) Attachment C as a guide. The ESS must be approved by DOE.

Prepare a Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) for Interim Operations for the dryer bed equipment in accordance with the guidelines of DOE-STD-3011-2016 (Preparation of Documented Safety Analysis for Interim Operations at DOE Nuclear Facilities) for deactivation of a nuclear facility. A DSA prepared in accordance with this Standard is an acceptable form of Documented Safety Analysis for nuclear facility deactivation in accordance with Table 2 of Appendix A, General Statement of Safety Policy, to Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 830, Nuclear Safety Management, Subpart B, Safety Basis Requirements. The DSA must address the current status of the equipment described in the Background section above, the planned transfer of the molecular sieve material to containers qualified for transport and disposal or recovery, and additional sampling efforts. The DSA document must be approved by DOE.

Deliverables will include:

  • Draft ESS and DSA Documents will be provided on the schedule below.
  • Final ESS and DSA Documents incorporating the client provided comments and changes will be provided on the schedule below.
  • All documents will be provided in MS Word format
  • Subcontractor will log and track all comments to resolution


  • Subcontractor will participate in meetings and discussions with the clients subject matter experts as required to accomplish the requirements of the SOW. 
  • Subcontractor will prepare the initial safety basis documentation and revise it as needed based on comments and changes provided by the client.
  •  Subcontractor will provide final safety basis documentation for acceptance by by the client. 

Education and Experience

  • Must have 5 years experience. 
  • Must have prior experience preparing comparable safety basis documentation for DOE nuclear facilities that have been approved by DOE.