Outage Manager, MCR

Tiverton, ON
Job ID:

MCR Outage Manager (MOM)


When preparing and giving turnover, it is important to focus on the activities that the incoming MOM will need to carry out in order to ensure that actions remain on track. While the general inclination is to talk about what was accomplished during the previous shift, this should be kept brief; as what is relevant to the incoming MOM will be the next steps that they need to follow to ensure the work from the previous shift stays on track.

Similarly, when receiving turnover, make sure you are briefed on what you will need to do during your shift to keep tasks progressing. Ask questions on what needs to be done and who to contact if you are uncertain.

Essential Functions:

This position is a critical SPOC interface between the construction Section Managers and FLM’s. This role is to ensure that all CP and NCP are tracking to completion as per the plan. If there are issues they need to ensure that the construction team has assigned a SPOC to address and resolve the issue. All issues shall be tracked on the PCC Log.

  • Monitors the status of task completion of individual work packages and identifies maintenance / Construction resources, as necessary, to ensure system window milestones are met.
  • Updates PDM prior to end of each shift.
  • Maintains awareness of both critical path activities and near?critical path activities, and develops resolution of constraints requiring Maintenance / Construction Support.
  • Assesses the Maintenance / Construction resource requirements needed to respond to emergent work and rework.
  • Acts as Single Point of Contact to resolve maintenance and Maintenance Support issues.
  • Acts as Single Point of Contact to ensure Construction and Construction Support issues are resolved.
  • Establishes work and material priority of parallel or resource constraint issues.
  • Coordinates housekeeping, Post Maintenance Tests (PMTs), and Clearance Order releases, when necessary.
  • Following up on maintenance and construction tasks and completing walk downs as required/when available

Maintain the PCC board with TCDS, actions, work orders, tasks, after consultation with the PDM