Project Coordinators

  • Type: Full-time
  • Job #175456
Job ID:

All projects require the following experience:

  • 5+ yrs experience of CANDU nuclear mechanical, electrical or I&C project experience 
  • Mechanical or Electrical Engineering degree 
  • preference will be given to those who have active Bruce Power or OPG security clearance

The Project Coordinators/Planners shall perform the following activities:

  1. Support the project team by coordinating and organizing Assigned Project activities, resources and information.
  2. Provide project management support by developing detailed plans for Assigned Project execution for each phase of the Assigned Project, including total completion of the Assigned Project.
  3. Work closely with all project team members to ensure adequate project alignment and coordination is occurring at all levels.
  4. Provide input for updating the Assigned Project work schedule(s), based on progress while working within an integrated team environment.
  5. Monitor and deliver reporting on performance, track completion of work as scheduled, track status of actions for the project team, liaise between different areas of the Assigned Project, including internal and external stakeholders, and providing recommendations on recovery of the performance of the Assigned Project.
  6. Identify when actual performance does not meet planned performance in accordance with the Assigned Project work schedule and provide recommendations for corrective actions to the project team to improve performance.
  7. Support the Project Manager in scoping, planning and implementing Assigned Projects within the work program.
  8. Support the Project Manager in the development of detailed execution plans while maintaining the element of safety within a nuclear facility.
  9. Prepare other reports to provide information and data to internal and external stakeholders as required, with input from Project Controls.
  10. Support the Project Manager as required.
  11. Review Assigned Projects P6 (read access) work schedules to interface with the Project Controls Scheduler.