21-048 Senior Advisor

  • Type: Full-time
  • Job #177892
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We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Senior Advisor 

Resume Due Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 (5:00PM EST)                                              

Number of Vacancies: 1 

Duration: 12 months 

Location: Darlington

Job Overview

  • A Senior Advisor is required to assist in providing expertise and insight on outage activities for post-Refurbishment outages such that the total outage duration is reduced.
  • This will be through a combination of innovative approaches to the scoping, planning and execution of outage work activities. 
  • Specifically this person must:
  • Assist in driving project scope and major sub-actions and documenting the activities in a project plan;
  • Assist in identifying the timeline for deliverables;
  • In conjunction with Issue Leads, assist with identifying any additional actions;
  • Integrate those actions into the overall project plan and assist in obtaining commitment of Issue Owners and Leads on project detail and committed schedule dates;
  • Assist in identifying project risks and proposed actions to mitigate risk


  • The Individual should have previous experience in Nuclear Power Plant planned outage execution and an understanding of the outage scoping process, outage planning process and the operational constraints associated with planned outage execution.
  • Previous experience in identifying and implementing innovations aimed at gaining efficiency in outage execution or reducing outage duration. The OPG 40 day outage innovation project or the Bruce Power 30 day/30 month outage innovation project are examples.
  • Familiarity with process or work-face execution improvements implemented at Darlington Refurbishment Guideline Rate.