21-051 – Senior Technical Engineer/ Officer

  • Type: Full-time
  • Job #177958
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We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Senior Technical Engineer/ Office

Resume Due Date: Thursday August 5th 2021 (5:00PM EST)

Number of Vacancies: 2 

Duration: 24 months 

Location: 230 Westney Road South, Ajax


Job Overview:

  • Quality Engineering is responsible for Refurbishment Engineering strategic oversight, program assurance, process efficiencies, idea integration/ collaboration and Refurbishment Engineering communication.
  • Identifies areas for improvement/ provides oversight to various initiatives to continuously improve performance (i.e., safely, quality, cost and schedule) related lo Refurbishment Engineering support.
  • Maintains Refurbishment Engineering’s Program Management Plan, Functional Management Plan and any guides associated with the overall functioning of Refurbishment Engineering.
  • Requires individuals who are strong in identifying areas for improvement and oversight of various initiatives to continuously improve performance (i.e., safety, quality, cost and schedule) related to the Refurbishment Engineering work.
  • Required an organized individual who always looking for more efficient ways to perform activities.
  • The role includes assessing aspects of engineering, communicating with various organizations, etc.
  • Familiarity with OPG, overall Refurbishment project, Engineering in general, and the OPG modification process (from design requirements, preliminary and detailed design packages, to the available for service commissioning) will be deemed an asset 


  • Requires knowledge of engineering, quality, physics, chemistry , metallurgy, mathematics, electricity, and/ or economics to technically understand the operation of the facility.
  • This knowledge is normally acquired through the completion of a four-year university education in an appropriate engineering field or by having the equivalent level of education.
  • Requires advance knowledge of one or more of these subjects to evaluate and propose improvements to processes, equipment/ systems/ unit safety, reliability and performance.
  • Requires an excellent written and verbal communication skills in order to prepare dear and concise reports and recommendation.
  • Requires training and experience in the design, development, or operation of a nuclear facility/industrial environment, associated with the design, development, operation or maintenance of industrial systems and equipment.
  • Requires problem solving skill to provide advice and guidance:
  • To initiate developmental studies and to make recommendation during the design, commissioning arid operation of a nuclear facility;
  • To evaluate components of materials, and to perform quality studies and evaluations associated with the design, commissioning and operation of a nuclear facility.
  • Required 6-8 years of experience

This is not an audit role or Quality Control position, surveillances are not performed. These positions provide oversight to Refurbishment Engineering Support to identify where performance requires improvement and proactively implement these improvements.

  • Candidates require previous OPG experience within Engineering;
  • Previous experience within Darlington Refurbishment preferred;
  • Candidates require the aptitude to identify areas for improvement;
  • The ability to manage various initiatives to continuously improve performance;
  • The successful candidates must be well organized, and have strong interpersonal skills and communication skills;
  • Have the ability to review large masses of information and pull out the trends making recommendations for areas of improvement.