18-112 – SM, Radiation Protection Field

Darlington, Ontario
Job ID:

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: SM, Radiation Protection Field
Resume Due Date: Thursday, July 26th (5:00PM EST)
Number of Vacancies:  1
Duration: 24 Months
Location: Darlington
Project Title: Field Support for Darlington Refurbishment Radiation Protection

Job Overview

Reporting to the Radiation Protection (RP) Manager, the duties and accountabilities are similar to those for a Nuclear Station RP Field Section Manager.

Provide the expertise, experience, strategies and leadership in support of major RP initiatives such as source term, contamination, and risk reduction activities to reduce worker dose and prevent radiological events during the refurbishment of Unit 2 at Darlington.


1. Be responsible for providing technical and consultative services, problem solving, technical advice and guidance, technical specifications, product expertise and related services to station personnel, management and other interested parties including regulatory agencies, concerning operations and maintenance  (including redesign of systems, equipment, and components, construction/modification/fabrication and commissioning) of nuclear plants and associated facilities in one or any combination of the following fields:

  1. Maintenance (mechanical, civil, control including predictive, preventive & corrective)
  2. Operations
  3. Fuel handling
  4. Common services (Tritium Removal Facility (TRF), Heavy Water Management (HW))
  5. Performance engineering (primary, secondary, common)
  6. Components
  7. Environmental qualification
  8. Chemistry
  9. Configuration management
  10. Inspection and maintenance (specialized, fuel channel)
  11. System & equipment design (mechanical, electrical, I & C, civil)
  12. Analysis (structural, component, thermal hydraulic, fuel and fuel channel, specialized Nuclear)

2.Carry out managerial accountabilities for the work of a staff complement, which may be composed of professional, technical, clerical, operators and trades personnel, engaged in the work of designated areas of the aforementioned fields.  Requires performing this role in accordance with approved policies, procedures and standards.  Provide meaningful input to the business plan and formulation of department work programs and tasks.  Develop work plans, consistent with time horizon of role to achieve assigned tasks.  Utilizing these work plans, establish context, subordinate tasks, controls and limits. Set cost control procedures and objectives.  Assign tasks to subordinates, ensuring the commensurate level of complexity, discussing the limits and methods to be used, specifying the task parameters and setting overall context for the assignment.  Formulate specific work assignments, and include subordinate input and discussion on requirements, issues and the like. 

3. Act as a coach and facilitator to create and sustain a non-threatening, supportive, team environment, actively working with staff to empower them to attain optimal work performance with a high level of personal responsibility and self-management.  Demonstrate openness and trust through the sharing of information and through establishing two-way team relationships, holding regular meetings with all immediate subordinates to discuss various subjects, including, safety, work plans and scope, problems and suggestions for improvement.  Identify training requirements required to perform tasks, ensuring the training is relevant and evaluation measures meaningful.  Establish performance measures and carry out personal effectiveness appraisals and regular reviews, with discussions on wage adjustments or incentives.  Make effective recommendations on staff selection and induction, taking appropriate and timely actions to deal with unsatisfactory performance, consistent with approved policies and procedures.  Provide a work environment that is conducive to employee well being, diversity, and ensuring harassment-free environment.

4.      Establish clear and effective working relationships with subordinates-once-removed (SoR), ensuring the integration of all outputs.  Communicate the overall organization goals and the direction, which guides the operation of the work programs/function.   Evaluate the potential capability of each SoR.  Act as a mentor, meeting with each individual on a regular basis to discuss development plans, and provide appropriate advice.

5.Seek to improve work processes, cultivating an awareness of organisational changes that impact on the need to adapt methods and operations.  Develop strategies and work processes for the plant.  Analyze technical results and adjust/implement work programs as necessary, including the identification of resources required, optimizing performance.  Provide assurance that activities are implemented at minimum cost within budgetary limitations.  Ensure management systems are in place to meet all due diligence requirements and are effectively managed on a continuing basis.

6.Continually assess and maintain Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and Nuclear-specific governing documents, including policies, standards and procedures, in compliance with regulatory requirements.


Education – Requires a knowledge of engineering and sciences principles, theories, applications and technology, including, physics, electrical, instrumentation, chemistry, chemistry components, mechanical, metallurgy, mathematics and economics, to effectively understand, evaluate, initiate, and advise on the processes and work programs in use, the components and structures installed in nuclear facilities, the CANDU Reactor, and operating characteristics of associated systems and equipment to facilitate the solution of maintenance and operating problems.  Requires effective communication skills, both orally and in written form.

This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the successful completion of a four-year university education in an appropriate field of engineering or sciences, or the equivalent level of education.

Experience – Requires experience in the operation of nuclear generating plants, including specialized equipment, processes, tooling, techniques and methods used, and the application of the specialty to nuclear generating stations and associated facilities.  Requires experience to become cognizant of the maintenance and operating responsibilities including relevant procedures, problems, codes, and standards, system equipment characteristics, control, maintenance and resources requirements.  Requires experience to have a good understanding of Company, mission, values, direction, business goals, objectives and impacts, contacts involved and inter-relationships of work groups.  Requires supervisory experience sufficient to fulfill effective managerial responsibilities.

A period of over eight years and up to and including ten years is considered necessary to gain this experience.