18-149 – Senior Technical Advisor

Darlington, Ontario
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We are currently requesting resumes for the following position:  Senior Technical Advisor

Resume Due Date: Tuesday, October 16th (5:00PM EST)                                             

Number of Vacancies: 1

Duration: 2 years

Location: Darlington

Job Overview

  1. Will lead the development of an Engineering Phase Project Control Process that integrates both OPG and Vendor schedule, cost and resources.
  2. Project management and controls support and advice to the engineering project team and Design Service Provider(s), including estimating, scheduling, project planning, cost management, forecasting and reporting, risk management, and change control management.
  3. Responsible to the Engineering Project Controls Management and Engineering Manager (s) to perform project planning, controlling, and oversight activities in support of the delivery of successful engineering project outcomes in accordance with the Project Management Controls standards, procedures, and instructions.
  4. will also develop project specific Project Management Controls standards, procedures, and instructions as required to support Engineering Project Controls


  1. A thorough knowledge of management theories, accounting, project management principles, business principles and processes to provide planning, scheduling services and controlling activities to lead the development and monitoring of project plans and processes.
  2. A knowledge of technical writing for the preparation, editing and presentation of standards, procedures, manuals, reports
  3. etc.
  4. Good oral and written communications skills to provide leadership, make presentations and work with others.
  5. A knowledge of engineering and mathematics, design, materials, construction, etc. as they pertain to nuclear power and nuclear waste management.
  6. Strong problem solving skills to resolve administrative, technical and information management process issues as they are related to Engineering Project Controls.
  7. This level of knowledge is normally acquired by successful completion of a four-year university degree in engineering, or by having the equivalent level of education.
  8. Additional Project Management designations such as a PMP would be beneficial.


Requires experience in the following:

  1. Performing and leading project planning and project controls activities within an Engineering and an Engineering, Procurement, Construct (EPC) environment, with specific experience in the areas of scoping, estimating, scheduling, risk management, document control, cost control, change management, and cost management, including variance analysis and reporting.
  2. Implementation of Project controls within a multi-group or multi-company environment.
  3. In providing project management and planning services for a large Engineering or EPC based projects. accustomed to constantly changing priorities.
  4. Dealing with conflict and being proactive in resolving issues and/or mitigating risks to help ensure expected project outcomes are achieved.
  5. A period of over 8 years and up to and including 20 years is considered necessary to gain this experience