18-152 – Engineer/Technical Specialist

Pickering, Ontario
Job ID:
Mousumi Saha

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Engineer/Technical Specialist
Resume Due Date: Thursday, March 28th (5:00PM EST) 
Number of Vacancies: 3
Level:  MP4
Duration: 1 year, proposed start date December 3, 2018
Location: 777 Brock Road, Pickering ON
Project Title:  Rapid Delivery Machine

Job Overview

Three Augmented Staff contractors are required to support The Rapid Delivery Machine (RDM) Project where the design work is being led by Fuel Channel Innovation Department (as opposed to being assigned to Plant Design Projects). The Rapid Delivery Machine Project requires sound expertise within Fuel Channel Inspections.

Demonstrated design experience in either civil, mechanical or electrical, I&C engineering is required for these positions and familiarity with the OPG Engineering Change Process, N-PROC-MP-90. Design Qualification DE# 33685 is a requirement.

Job responsibilities:

  1. Perform as a technical expert in a designated segment of the mechanical, civil or non- destructive engineering discipline. Provide technical advice, guidance, consultation and services to clients to deal with problems and studies up to and including those of the highest order of complexity, and/or for the establishment of new or revised technical programs.  Obtain and analyse pertinent information and recommend and, as appropriate, accomplish, perform tests, inspections, studies, etc.  Establish and utilize contacts with suppliers and manufacturers and in other industries/ utilities as a resource for problem-solving.  Participate in and/or chair meetings with involved groups, identify issues causing conflict or controversy (eg, work priorities, objectives, etc.), and work together to analyse alternative approaches, and to reach mutual agreement on the problem resolution.  Develop proposals and produce recommendations for customer review, keeping Supervisor generally informed of outcome and significant impacts.  Assist customer with implementation as requested or appropriate.
  2. Lead projects/studies within the discipline(s), involving nonstandard requirements and the work direction of technician and technical/engineering staff and/or carry out full responsibility for assigned ongoing technical work programs.  Develop work plans, determine resource requirements and balance workload with available resources (if applicable), coordinate work efforts with other involved groups, adapt project/study activities to address changing priorities, anticipate and resolve problems which pose an impediment to successful completion, and accomplish planned work results to the satisfaction of the client and supervisor and within established budgetary and scheduling constraints.
  3. Produce reports or other documents and/or presentations as required to portray results of studies and field tests carried out, to present evidence to support conclusions drawn or recommendations advanced, and/or to provide a resource for reference and use by others involved in the discipline.
  4. Ensure that all work activities, programs, studies, and customer services reflect an awareness of applicable legislated, corporate and departmental safety requirements and programs and are in compliance with same.  Anticipate future regulations/requirements and provide input into their formulation.
  5. May be required to participate in budget submissions, financial evaluations and purchase justifications as requested.


  • Requires an in-depth knowledge of the theory, principles and practices associated with the designated discipline(s) (mechanical), civil engineering, or non-destructive engineering) to be able to assume a leading role in conducting technical studies and in providing technical advice, guidance, consultation, and problem-solving services. 
  • Requires a proficiency in verbal and written communications to prepare reports, proposals, recommendations, and presentations.

This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired either through the successful completion of a four year university education in either chemical, metallurgical, electrical, mechanical, civil, physics, etc. engineering and/or computer or environmental science or by having the equivalent level of education.


  • Requires experience within the designated discipline, such as can be acquired in lesser level technical/engineering positions, to become familiar with station and departmental procedures, processes, techniques, problems and problem resolutions, and associated study and project requirements and stages.
  • Requires experience to become familiar with the internal and external contacts associated with departmental work activities, and with established documentation/ presentation requirements. 
  • Requires experience to become qualified and recognized as a technical expert in a specific segment of the discipline and as a generalist in other segments to provide technical advice, guidance, consultation and services to clients in thermal and nuclear generating facilities and related support functions. 
  • Requires experience in dealing with the most complex technical problems and assignments, up to and including those of the highest order of complexity, and in resolving conflicts and controversy arising in the course of work activities. 
  • Requires experience in assuming full responsibility for project or program management, including work and resource planning, problem resolution, work monitoring, and accomplishment to customer satisfaction.

Supplementary notes:

PB specialist qualifications would be an asset. ECC experience or DE qualifications (QUAL#33685) would be a requirement. This role will be part of a Design Section within the IRI projects organization reporting to a Design Section Manager.


  1. OPG Design Engineer Qualification # 33685 – Requirement
  2. Engineering Degree, from a recognized and qualified educational institution
  3. Registered Professional Engineer, Ontario (active licence)- Requirement
  4. Preferred Discipline: Mechanical (Pressure Boundary Experience is an asset), Civil (Seismic qualification experience is an asset), Electrical, I&C