18-153 Process Specialist

Darlington, Ontario
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We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Process Specialist
Resume Due Date: Monday, November 19th (5:00PM EST)                                        Number of Vacancies: 1
Duration: 3-6 months, starting December 3, 2018
Location: DNGS Project Office
Project Title:  Contract & Project Support

Job Overview


  1. Provide support in the development and maintenance of work programs, quality assurance plans, and audit plans.
  2. Participate in the development and recommendation of a business process framework, and in the implementation of effective and sustaining performance measures, business processes, procedures and improvement initiatives. Provide advice, guidance and ongoing assistance to process owners in other Supply Chain groups in these areas. Monitor their work activities and provide assessments to facilitate redirection of process implementation performance. Together with supervisor pursue non-compliance issues to attempt to ensure compliance, and be held accountable for the soundness of the advice given.
  3. Provide facilitation support internally to the Division.
  4. Provide support in the development and implementation of interface agreements with stakeholders external to the project.
  5. Develop and coordinate integrated training plans ensuring objectives of the Division and processes are being met.
  6. Develop communication plans consistent with overall process schedule and plans.
  7. Design and facilitate communications and integration forums to support divisional objectives.
  8. Lead audits to assess divisional staff in the execution of the Corrective Action Program.
  9. Maintain Corrective Action status reporting to meet the needs of the management team.
  10. Assist staff in the implementation of new business processes and the incorporation of necessary change management interventions.
  11. Provide, on an as-required basis, facilitation services, as requested.
  12. Establish performance objectives for processes in conjunction with process owners. Plan, execute, continually assess and make improvements as necessary.
  13. Create visual data models of business processes to be used for on-going analysis and communication purposes.
  14. Perform benchmarking and operating experience assessments in order to identify improvements to divisional business processes.
  15. Perform other duties as required.


Extensive knowledge of database management and data mining – MS Access/ Excel Expert level


  1. Requires a knowledge of the principles of business methods, business processes, procedure development, organizational structure, change management and the practical application of these principles to ensure effective and efficient program implementation.
  2. Requires this knowledge to participate in the development of a process framework together with measures of process effectiveness and providing support in departmental standards.
  3. Requires knowledge of English, both in orally and written form, to effectively prepare concise, clearly understandable reviews, presentations, correspondence, process descriptions, procedures, guides and reports, and to discuss philosophy and requirements with others both internally and externally.
  4. This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the successful completion of a four-year university education, or by having the equivalent level of education.


  1. Requires experience in the areas of planning, organization, and change management associated with business improvement initiatives and strategic and quality programming.
  2. Requires a familiarity with business process improvement policies, principles, methods, procedures, standards, measures and communication systems.
  3. Requires experience to understand the interrelationship of departments, their areas of responsibility, contacts, sources of information, and the like.
  4. Requires this experience in order to recommend processes which will sustain the organization.
  5. A period of over 8 years, up to and including 10 years, is considered necessary to gain this experience.